Post Aliyah Government Processing

|||Post Aliyah Government Processing

The following articles provide information about Israeli licensing and registration procedures that you may encounter in the years following your Aliyah, such as registering to vote in Israeli elections, registering for a marriage license and registering a new baby.

Teudat Zehut – Israeli Identification

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Every Israeli adult is issued a Teudat Zehut (Israeli personal identification) upon turning 16. This document is made up of two parts - a card with personal information about the cardholder and a paper addendum (Sefach) which contains the personal information (name and ID numbers) of their immediate family members (spouse and children).

Applying for a New Passport for a Minor at the Israeli Consulate

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Please follow the steps below if your child is already registered as an Israeli citizen. If your child is not yet registered as an Israeli citizen, you will first need to register them as Israeli and then apply for their Israeli passport. 

Misrad Hapnim Branch Locations

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Israel's Ministry of the Interior (Misrad Hapnim) is responsible for citizenship, identification cards, travel documents, birth certificates and visas. Please see below for a list of Misrad Hapnim offices.