Living in Israel Pre-Aliyah

|||Living in Israel Pre-Aliyah

Living in Israel as a Tourist

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Disclaimer: The article offers general information about living in Israel prior to making Aliyah. Nefesh B’Nefesh does not schedule appointments for visa renewals and is unable to facilitate the procedures mentioned herein. For more information regarding bureaucratic procedures, benefits, and the various implications of living in Israel as a tourist, please refer to the relevant Israeli government offices.

Applying for Visas

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There are several visa options available for those who wish to try out Israel before making the commitment of Aliyah. All of the visas listed below are issued by Misrad Hapnim (the Ministry of Interior) in Israel. Additionally, student and temporary resident visas may be issued abroad through the Israeli Consulate. Anyone wishing to issue a temporary resident visa from abroad should contact The Jewish Agency for Israel