Timetable of Aliyah Benefits for Olim Chadashim

||||Timetable of Aliyah Benefits for Olim Chadashim
Timetable Things To Do
Upon Arrival
Go to the Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Aliyah and Integration) office at the airport. You will receive:

  • Teudat Oleh (Oleh certificate)
  • Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID) number
  • Health voucher
  • First payment of Sal Klita (Absorption Basket)
  • Voucher for taxi transportation from the airport
  • Voucher for the bank
  • Register for Kupat Cholim (health plan) Ktinim Chozrim and Ezrachim olim will need register at their local Misrad Haklita Branch
Within the First Week
Open a bank account.
Within 2 Weeks Click here to schedule your appointment for your biometric Teudat Zehut.

Go to your local branch of Misrad Haklita.

  • Obtain a voucher for Ulpan
  • Arrange Sal Klita payments
  • Ktinim Chozrim can sign up for their health care at their local Misrad Haklita branch and Ezrachim Olim can sign up for health care using their Teudat Zakaut, even if they did not yet receive their Teudat Zehut.
If you have not done so prior to Aliyah, register your children for school at the local Agaf Hachinuch (Department of Education).
Apply for child allowance at the local branch of Bituach Leumi.

Bituach Leumi recently announced that as of January 1, 2017, each child who is eligible for the monthly child benefit will have a savings account opened in his or her name. Bituach Leumi will put 50 NIS into the account per month, and parents have the option of matching that amount with 50 NIS, which will be taken from their monthly child allowance. For more information, read the article on the Bituach Leumi site here or the explanation of the savings plan here. Please consult your accountant if you have any questions about possible foreign tax implications of this savings account. http://www.nbn.org.il/aliyahpedia/government-services/government-benefits-new-immigrants-oleh-chadash/monthly-child-benefits-from-bituach-leumi/

3 Months Apply for an Israeli passport at Misrad Hapnim.
If you have not yet received your biometric Tedaut Zehut, click here to schedule your appointment immediately.
6 Months End of Sal Klita payments. You can visit Misrad Haklita to apply for Dmei Kiyum (living allowance), if neither spouse is working.
9 Months Rent subsidy benefit begins
12 Months End of free health insurance:

  • If you are not working, visit Bituach Leumi to arrange payment
  • If you are working, your payments are deducted from your salary
If you are driving on a foreign license, you must go to Misrad Harishui to obtain an Israeli license. See: Obtaining a Driver’s License
Dmei Kiyum comes to an end. You can apply for income support from Bituach Leumi, however, this is only granted on a case by case basis.
18 Months End of Ulpan benefit
End of first stage of income tax reduction
2 Years Arnona discount expires. See: Arnona
2.5 Years End of second stage of income tax reduction
3 Years End of free tuition for university degrees. This is also subject to age limit. See:Higher Education Database
If you have a foreign license but you have not been driving (since you made Aliyah), you must apply for an Israeli license within 3 years.
Customs benefits expire, including shipments and car rights.
3.5 Years End of third stage of income tax reduction
5 Years End of rent subsidy
10 Years End of eligibility for Misrad Haklita retraining courses
15 Years End of Oleh mortgage benefit. For more information regarding Mortgages: click here

  • For more information, please see Aliyah Rights for Olim Chadashim.
  • This information is relevant only for Olim Chadashim as defined by Misrad Haklita and The Jewish Agency for Israel. It does not apply to Ktinim Chozerim (returning minors) or Toshavim Chozrim (returning residents).
  • If an Oleh leaves Israel during the first seven months (regardless of reason), payments are discontinued. The payments can be easily restarted by visiting Misrad Haklita.
  • All of the above information is subject to change. Please check with the relevant government offices for updates.