Benefits for Toshavim Chozrim (Returning Residents)

||||Benefits for Toshavim Chozrim (Returning Residents)

For further information, please see the Misrad Haklita website:

  • For details about benefits provided by Misrad Haklita to Toshavim Chozrim, click here.
  • For a “checklist” of everything you need by Misrad Haklita, click here.
  • For details about who qualifies as a Toshav Chozer, click here.
  • For the list of Habait HaYisraeli (הבית הישראלי) contacts throughout North America and the UK, click here: Habait HaYisraeli Contact Information

Customs Benefits
Toshavim Chozrim who lived abroad for over 6 years, and were not employed by an Israeli company during the last 5 years, may import or purchase a car at a reduced tax rate, with the following restrictions:

  1. The car must have been manufactured during the 48 months prior to being imported.
  2. The eligibility period for importing a car at a reduced tax rate is limited to the first 9 months from the date of your return to Israel.
  3. You must have an Israeli license and a foreign driver’s license.

For more information about purchasing a car at a reduced tax rate, see Buying a Car in Israel.

EL AL Flight Discounts
A Toshav Chozer who is returning to Israel permanently is eligible to receive a discount on his or her EL AL flight.  To obtain the discount, tickets must be bought directly from an EL AL office (and not via a travel agent). Authorization for the ticket discount is obtained via the Israeli Consulate.

Increased Luggage Allowance
Toshavim Chozrim who are returning to Israel permanently are entitled to excess baggage, for every traveler over the age of two – without additional payment. The exact weight allowance differs and is determined at the EL AL office at each location.

Receiving Benefits Retroactively
Benefits may be received retroactivally, up to 15 months (one year and three months) after receiving Toshav Chozer status from Misrad Haklita.

The Israel Brain Gain Program – The Israel Brain Gain Program is designed to help Toshavim Chozerim with their return to Israel.

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