Driver’s License and Cars

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VIDEO: Driving in Israel for New Olim

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For many Olim, obtaining an Israeli driver’s license and purchasing a car are significant milestones in the absorption process. The following articles walk you through the process of obtaining a license, offer you comprehensive information about purchasing or shipping a car, and cover other issues related to driving in Israel. Driving in Israel? Be an Educated Driver! Driving class given by Israeli instructor in English

Importing a Vehicle

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The Motor Vehicle Division of Misrad Hatachbura (Ministry of Transportation) permits Olim to import motor vehicles for personal use, in accordance with their regulations and procedures. Importing a vehicle is complex, however by doing the necessary research and learning the rules and limitations involved in the process, importing may be worthwhile.

Car Registration Renewal (Rishayon Rechev)

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Vehicle Registration (licenses) are renewed annually. On receipt of your new vehicle license and before your current license expires, you must first pay the license renewal fee and then take the vehicle to an authorized Vehicle Inspection Station for a road worthiness test, colloquially known in Hebrew as the "Test".