Sample Budget for Singles in the First Year

Here you will find a sample budget for single Olim living in the center of Israel.  This resource allows you to approximate your monthly expenses during your first year of Aliyah.

  • The spreadsheet is for cash out only, and does not reflect income or savings.
  • All sums are in Israeli shekels.
  • Upon arrival, you will be renting your residence, sharing with one roommate.
  • Prices listed below reflect the range of costs for both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Be aware that Tel Aviv tends to be slightly more expensive.


Expense: Cost: Notes:
 Rent 1,200-3,200
Public Transportation 300-400
 Food 1,000-1,600
Phone/Cell/Internet 300-600
Utilities 400-600
Health Insurance (basic coverage) 0-160 Free basic coverage for the first 12 months. After finding employment, or after 12 months, the 160 NIS/month payment is paid directly out of the salary.
 Entertainment 600-1,200 Includes TV license and cable, an occasional movie, trip and eating out in restaurants
Arnona (Municipal taxes) 40-120 Reflecting the 90% discount received by new Olim during the first year
 TOTAL 3,840-7,880


 Expense: Cost: Notes:
 House setup 2,000-4,000 Includes furniture purchase and cost of assembly, electrician and plumber for a shared, unfurnished apartment.
 Release of shipment 0-4,000 Depends on the size of the crate
Gym 200-400/month
Car 5,000-7,000 Sum represents cost per year for car insurance and repairs, but does NOT include the cost of gas.  Gas costs ~300-400 NIS to fill up a mid-sized car


Savings plan
Charitable contributions
Mas Hachnasa (Income tax)
Credit cards

These charts should be used as estimates only.