Singles & Aliyah

  • Tel Aviv Community and Religious Life

    Tel Aviv is known to be a secular city, but it also includes a mixed religious population with synagogues, communities and social organizations of every denomination. The following synagogues may appeal to you. Remember, there are many options! The Tel Aviv Community Kabbalat Shabbat Internationals, Israelis, and many Jewish organizations coming together to create welcoming […]

  • Building Community – A Guide for Singles

    Building your community and developing a new social network is an inherent part of the Aliyah process. You can stay connected to other Olim by joining the Nefesh B’Nefesh group on Facebook. The group is open to NBN applicants and Olim, allowing you to network and connect while sharing your experiences and getting valuable updates on NBN news and events.

  • Students

    Considering getting a degree in Israel? The following articles will help you find the best degree programs and schools available in Israel, fill you in on the application process, tuition and scholarship benefits as well as other important information related to higher education in Israel.  

  • Young Professionals

    Israel is an incredible and dynamic platform for young people to grow personally and professionally. This section includes helpful resources regarding setting up your own business, finding employment and volunteer opportunities. You can also find information about dating and social activities as well guidance on finding the best community for you.  

  • Neighborhoods & Communities: Guide for Singles

    Most popular destinations for singles are Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa, with interest in Be’er Sheva growing as transportation, employment and educational opportunities are expanding. Apartment rentals in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv tend to range from $300 (shared) to $900 (single). Thank you to Nechama Abramoff, Eyal Raviv and Leora Sonnenblick for their contributions to […]

  • Social Resources for Singles

    The resources listed below reflect the experiences of thousands of individuals who have networked, “schmoozed” and experimented with Aliyah, and found that they could integrate successfully and happily into Israeli life. At the crossroads of continents and connected by technology and travel, Israel offers a vibrant and diverse place to build a social and professional […]

  • Dating Resources

    The following sites provide information about online dating services and matchmakers (shadchanim) in Israel. Online Dating Sites: – This is a free dating site. Here’s how it works: You select a matchmaker who searches for suitable matches on your behalf. The site respects your privacy by ensuring that you are not able to see other members’ profiles on the site. The […]