Here you will find a sample budget for a family planning their retirement in Israel.  This resource allows you to approximate your monthly expenses during your first year of Aliyah.

All sums are in US Dollars.
All furniture, appliances and clothing are shipped from North America.
Upon arrival, you will be renting your residence.
Car expenses include, fuel, insurance, registration and maintenance, but not cost of purchase.
Family Size- 2 adults (but costs will not be cut in half for a single)

Monthly Expenses (approx.) Per Month
Rent $600-$1500
Note that a retirement home will cost considerably more and require maintenance
Transportation – Car $500-$650
Public transportation will cost approx: $200
Food $550-$800
Phones/Cellphones/Internet $150-$250
Utilities $150-$300
Health Insurance 0-$250
There is a variety of upgraded health plans and private policies.

Availability and costs of medications and treatments should be carefully investigated.

Other Insurance/Medical expenses $200-$300
includes life, home, property, as well as dental and optical care
Entertainment $150-$350
includes cable, occasional movie, restaurant, vacation
Municipal Taxes (Arnona) $10-$100
Representing 90% discount for first year.
Total Estimated Monthly Expenses $2,310 – $4,500

For more information on balancing your family’s lifestyle on an Israeli budget, see Baruch Labinsky’s online Financial Planning Seminar.