Planning Retirement in Israel

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    Planning Your Retirement

    A large and growing number of senior citizens are choosing to spend their retirement years in Israel. Some individuals want to join their children who have already made Aliyah, while others come on their own to fulfill a dream of living in Israel. Today, retirement to Israel is a viable option. Nefesh B’Nefesh offers you […]

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    A growing number of North Americans are choosing to spend their retirement years in Israel. The articles below offer a detailed description of the Aliyah process and important resources regarding tax and financial planning, health care benefits, and how to build a comfortable social circle.  

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    Job Searching as a Senior

    Olim of retirement age often face special challenges when arriving in Israel and beginning their job search. Although the job market is open to everyone, many employers are reluctant to hire older candidates, even those who arrive with the relevant qualifications. As a result, a working senior can find it challenging to integrate into the […]

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    The Challenges Faced By Mature Olim

    Under the best of circumstances, making Aliyah is a complicated and emotional matter, fraught with the challenges of uprooting from one’s home, integrating into a new society, finding work and making new friends. The Aliyah of “mature Olim”, those roughly between the ages of 50-65, carries with it unique concerns and pressures that are important […]

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    Resources: Assistance for the Elderly

    The following organizations provide assistance for the elderly in Israel: Eshel: JDC-ESHEL strives to improve the status of the elderly population in Israel, developing conditions and services to guarantee better quality of life for the elderly, and to improve the image of older people to society as a whole. Programs include homes, daycare centers, employment […]

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    Social Security Information

    As a US citizen, you may be concerned about working in Israel if you have taken early retirement or wondering how to have your social security check deposited into your Israeli bank account. Please refer to the following websites for comprehensive information: US Consulate FAQs Social Security – Retirement (see living outside the US) The office […]

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    Retirement Centers

    The AACI (Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel) has a thorough listing of retirement centers throughout Israel which can be accessed here:  AACI – Retirement and Nursing Homes and Services in Israel.  As well, you can email for more information. For an additional listing, see  

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    Retirement Consultants

    Retirement consultants offer assistance in identifying living solutions for the elderly, whether in a Beit Avot (old age home), independent senior living center, Diur Mugan (assisted living facility) or Teshushai Nefesh (mentally frail facility). As part of their services, they offer the following kinds of assistance: Provide information on benefits that may be available to […]