Getting Started

Considering moving to Israel with your family? We have broken down the experience into digestible categories to help make the transition as smooth as possible. The following articles offer helpful advice regarding the application process, preparation and packing tips, navigating the Israeli school system, and choosing the most appropriate community for your family.


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    Preparing Your Children (and Yourself) for Their Aliyah

    Download as PDF My seven year old was thrilled when we told him we were making Aliyah- the date of our move couldn’t come soon enough. He said goodbye to friends and family without a hitch, he kept telling them we were the lucky ones. Now that we’re here, it’s like a nightmare. He cries […]

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    Realistic Expectations

    Download as PDF Real World Aliyah 101 or Realistic Expectations Everyone warned me that the first six months after making Aliyah would be terrible- I’d be miserable missing my old community, family and friends and dealing with “rude” Israelis. Now that I’m here though, I feel completely at peace- like I’ve finally come home. Is […]

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    Helping You Settle In – NBN Post-Aliyah Department

    Download as PDF For most Olim, Post-Aliyah challenges center on one area: integration. Integration into new Israeli communities, integration into the Israeli work culture, integration for children into the Israeli school system – in short, integration into the fabric of Israeli society. Related Articles Realistic Expectations | Aliyah and Your Marriage | Preparing Your Children Olim […]

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    Aliyah and Your Marriage

    Download as PDF Relocating. Changing jobs. Packing and moving. What do they all have in common? Beside for being major life changes, they are also among the three top stresses a marriage can experience. Making Aliyah involves all three- and that’s only the beginning. It’s no wonder then that many marriages suffer under the strain […]

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    Top Ten Considerations Before Making Aliyah With A Teen

    Download as PDF If you’re planning Aliyah with a teenager, here are some ideas and suggestions to keep in mind: Your child may or may not want to make Aliyah. Some parents make the decision to make Aliyah without speaking to their teens. Research proves that teens integrate into Israeli teen culture better when they […]

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    The Family Challenge of Aliyah

    Download as PDF By Caroline HaCohen, educational psychologist Moving home is a major “life-event”, and the challenge of moving far away, when making aliyah, adds extra stress. It is often especially difficult for the younger members of the family. Together with all the excitement, it may be a challenge to keep the family stable during […]