Two courses are offered in Israel, providing training in phlebotomy (or in Hebrew, Lokchei Dam Vridi):

  • For nurses (and other individuals with prior experience in the field), a short, two days course is provided.
  • For other professionals, a longer, eight day course is provided.

The courses are offered in Jerusalem and Petach Tikva (Beilinson Hospital). For more information and to register, please be in touch with Sharon at 02-655-1715 (Sharon speaks English).

In order to qualify, if you are a nurse, your nursing degrees must be recognized by Misrad Habriut. If you are not a nurse, your degree must be recognized by Misrad Hachinuch.

If you who have a foreign license in phlebotomy, you can ask for a charig (and exception), allowing you to take the short course rather than the long course. If this applies to you, email a copy of your license and a summary of any and all relevant course work (syllabus) you’ve completed to and For questions, please contact Yafit at: 02-655-1855.

Further information is available on the Misrad Habriut site (in Hebrew) in the section for lab professionals.

Please note, a knowledge of Hebrew is a prerequisite to take the course.

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