Two courses are offered in Israel, providing training in phlebotomy (or in Hebrew, Lokchei Dam Vridi):

  • For nurses (and other individuals with prior experience in the field), a short, two days course is provided.
  • For other professionals, a longer, eight day course is provided.

The courses are offered in Jerusalem and Petach Tikva (Beilinson Hospital). For more information and to register, please be in touch with Sharon at 02-655-1715 (Sharon speaks English).

In order to qualify, if you are a nurse, your nursing degrees must be recognized by Misrad Habriut. If you are not a nurse, your degree must be recognized by Misrad Hachinuch.

If you who have a foreign license in phlebotomy, you can ask for a charig (and exception), allowing you to take the short course rather than the long course. The charig request should be faxed to the head of the lab division of Misrad Habriut, Dr. Emanuel Gazith, at: 02-652-8079. For questions, please contact Yafit at: 02-655-1855.

Further information is available on the Misrad Habriut site (in Hebrew) in the section for lab professionals.