Important Note: Misrad Habriut (Ministry of Health) is currently at the beginning stages of regulating podiatrists’ licenses. As of now, Misrad Habriut is only receiving documents for podiatrists who previously worked in Israel and obtained a certificate from Misrad Habriut.

Disclaimer: Misrad Habriut regulations are subject to change without advance notice and are constantly changing. For the most current information regarding licensing procedures, please see: Nefesh B’Nefesh does not take responsibility for inaccuracies on the site or changes to the law.

Misrad Habriut now offers a customer call center to answer questions about licensing for health care professionals. Call *5400 from Israel or 972-8-6241010 from abroad. The center operates Sunday through Thursday, 8am-6pm, and Fridays from 8am-1pm, Israel time.

Podiatrists must be licensed by Misrad Habriut.

The following is a list of documentation to submit in order to begin the licensing process:

  • 3 passport photos.
  • 3 photocopies of your Teudat Zehut, including the address stub.
  • Tourists: Photocopy of your passport and a valid visa.
  • Final diploma from a recognized university or certification from a university of completion of studies, completion of all requirements for the university, and entitlement to a degree in podiatry to be awarded on a certain date.
  • Official confirmation of beginning and ending date of studies. Often, this information appears on your diploma or transcript. If it does not, you can request a letter from your school of podiatry indicating the start and end date of your studies.
  • License of podiatry. If you cannot submit a license, you can submit an explanatory letter. Note: You cannot submit an expired license.
  • Documentation indicating work experience as a licensed podiatrist abroad, for a period of at least two years.
  • Professional letter of good standing from the authorized bodies in the country from which the applicant immigrated to Israel. The letter confirms that there are no, and have not been any, disciplinary, negligence or professional ethics complaints against the podiatrist.
  • Registration form (3 copies).

For surgical podiatrists only, you must also submit:

  • Certification of conducting podiatric surgery abroad, with a valid license, for a period of at least two years.
  • Certificate for conducting surgery from the American Board of Podiatric Surgery or the equivalent licensing body in other countries, as recognized by Misrad Habriut (Ministry of Health).
  • License to conduct foot surgery from the country (or state) you are licensed in.
  • If you meet the above requirements, you will need to complete a period of Histaklut (internship) in an Orthopedic unit in Israel, which has been approved for specialization in Orthopedics. Your Histaklut must be under the supervision of a surgical podiatrist.

If you are not a surgical podiatrist, these documents are not necessary.

All documents must be translated into Hebrew and notarized by an Israeli notary in Israel. You will need to submit 1 notarized copy plus two photocopies of all your documents. See Notarization Services. Do not send any original documents. It is recommended that you keep one photocopy of the notarized document for your own records.