Degrees & Licensing

  • civil_engineering

    Engineering (Civil)

    Civil engineers in Israel are qualified to carry out design work and supervision work in the construction and maintenance of bridges, roads, and buildings.  Civil engineering takes place on all levels: in the public sector from municipal to military levels and in the private sector from residential to commercial and industrial.

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    Veterinary Medicine

    Job opportunities for qualified veterinarians are available throughout Israel, though competition for open positions can be stiff. Most veterinarians in Israel are employed under government auspices or are self-employed in private practice.

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    In the private sector, Psychological services are offered at private clinics, residential treatment centers, institutions for the elderly, family therapy clinics and non-profit organizations.

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    Physicians from North America and the UK represent a valuable resource for the State of Israel, which is expecting to experience a shortage of doctors in the upcoming years, due to a convergence of factors such as population increase and the retirement of immigrant doctors (from the former USSR).

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    In order to obtain a license from the Misrad Habriut, you must personally submit your request at the Misrad Habriut office closest to your home (according to the address written in your Israeli Identification Card).

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    The role of optometrists is to provide vision care, not to function as eye doctors, and many of the responsibilities held by optometrists in North America are only performed in Israel by ophthalmologists.

  • art-therapy

    Art Therapy

    Art therapists utilize art to help people with physical, psychological or emotional problems to communicate more effectively and to express their feelings. Art therapists work with clients who have physical or learning disabilities or mental health problems, in schools, hospitals, clinics, and prisons. Many people become art therapists after building up many years of experience in a related area such as art and design, occupational therapy, or social care. Knowledge of Hebrew is critical in order to work in an educational institution

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    Lab Technicians

    If you have a BA or MA in laboratory work, you will be automatically recognized as a lab technician in Israel. If you studied other areas, you will be required to work for 6 months in a recognized laboratory. At the end of the work period, you will need to take a licensing exam.

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    There are an estimated 2,500 electricians and 730 electrical contractors in Israel, about half of them working in the central Tel Aviv area. There are subdivisions within the field, which allow electricians of different qualifications to work on projects of different levels.

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    As Israel holds the distinction of having the most lawyers per capita of any country in the world, lawyers can be found in any city. By far, the largest number of lawyers and law firms can be found in Tel Aviv, with Haifa and Jerusalem following distantly behind. Salary levels for attorneys in Tel Aviv are usually higher than those in Jerusalem. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv also have possibilities in governmental work. Occasionally, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University require the services of a lawyer from abroad with a particular area of expertise. Alternatively, many lawyers go into private practice, either on their own or in partnership with other advocates.

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    About 85% of all dentists in Israel work in private clinics or in group practice. Other employment opportunities include Kupot Holim, school clinics, Kibbutzim and hospitals. Dentists working in public institutions are allowed to work in private clinics as well.

  • lawyer

    Working as a Foreign Licensed Lawyer in Israel – The New Law

    The new law amends a longstanding legal requirement for all lawyers in Israel (including those that have made Aliyah and had no intention of working in Israeli law) to be regulated and registered with the Israeli Bar Association (IBA). For the first time, with the IBA’s backing, foreign licensed attorneys can advise Israeli clients on matters pertaining to the law in the jurisdictions in which they are licensed. For instance, a U.S. lawyer can now advise Israeli companies and entrepreneurs about matters pertaining to U.S. law, without having to fulfill the requirements that had been imposed on all Israeli lawyers.

  • ISA

    Getting Started with the Israel Securities Authority (ISA)

    if you thought obtaining your CFA or Series 7 licensing was difficult, if you are proud of yourself for getting a 4.0 while attaining an Ivy League MBA, well, you haven’t seen anything yet. Dealing with the glacially-moving ISA will test your patience, your desire to remain in the financial sector and perhaps even your desire to remain in Israel. However, as Herculean a task it can be, it isn’t impossible. Now that I have prefaced this, let me explain what I know to be the facts and rules in obtaining an Investment Advisor (IA – Miktzoet Aleph) or Portfolio Manager license (PM – Miktzoet Bet).

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    The Israeli educational system is divided into Jewish, Arab and Christian sectors. The Jewish sector is further divided into Secular (“Mamlachti”), Religious (“Mamlachti Dati,”) and Independent (“Atzmai” – Beit Yaakov and Haredi). There are also schools that are semi-private where the staff, parents and department of education design the curriculum.

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    Nurse’s Assistant

    To relieve pressure on registered nurses in hospitals and clinics due to their growing shortage, Misrad Habriut (Ministry of Health) has established and recognized a new medical profession – Nurse Assistants (NAs). NAs will work directly with and under the supervision of nurses and must undergo special training.

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    some accountants have developed businesses filing U.S. tax returns for American Olim and acting as tax consultants. Although there are jobs available for North Americans without an Israeli CPA, having this added certification can open doors professionally and enable you to climb higher on the corporate ladder.

  • notary

    Notarization Services

    As part of the Israeli medical licensing process, Misrad HaBriut requires that certain documentation be translated into Hebrew, the translations of which must be certified by an Israeli notary. There are fixed rates for notarization which are set annually by Misrad Hamishpatim (Ministry of Justice) and are non-negotiable.

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    Olim from the U.S., Canada and the UK have developed successful careers in Israel. Because the large architecture firms can be hard to penetrate, Olim frequently find it best to build up their own businesses. Many work in home development, construction and design, focusing on English-speaking clients who appreciate their Western professional background.

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    Chiropractic Medicine

    Chiropractors in Israel work primarily in private practice, as well as through the Kupot. The Israeli Chiropractic Society currently has over 70 members. For more information about the Society, see or call 09 882 4396. To become a member, you must have graduated from an accredited chiropractic college. All Israeli chiropractors studied in colleges abroad, as there is no course of study available in Israel.

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    In order to obtain a license from the Ministry of Health, you must personally submit your request at the Bureau of Health closest to your home (according to the address written in your Israeli Identification Card.)

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    Dental Hygienists

    In order to be recognized as a dental hygienist in Israel, one must be licensed by Misrad HaBriut (Ministry of Health). In order to obtain a license you must: Meet the educational requirements of Misrad HaBriut, Pass the licensing examination.

  • shlechim

    Ph.D Recognition

    If you are working in the public sector, including government offices, hospitals, etc., you must have your Ph.D recognized by Misrad HaChinuch. In the public sector, recognition of your Ph.D will affect both your rank and salary. If you’re working for a private organization or a post-doc, you will not need to have your degree recognized at all.

  • dr_app

    Physician’s Exam

    If you completed medical school but did not start a residency or perform an internship, you are required to do a one year intership (‘stage’) before entering residency. In order to qualify for an internship spot, you must pass a particular licensing exam.

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    Dental Exam Sample

    Please note: The illustrations accompanying the tasks are specific for the text of the exam.
    You are therefore required to return the illustrations together with your answers since without them
    it will not be possible to check your answers. The examination form, illustrations or part of them
    may not be removed from the examination hall, or copied.