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From Law School to “LinguistIt”

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Overlooking the quiet streets of Modiin, Sarah Davis sits in her office with two side-by-side screens in front of her. She vigorously types - eyes on one computer, fingers flying on the other, as pages of words are pumped out onto her screen. Petite and soft-pitched, some mistakenly think she is “too young,” or “non-credible…” But take a minute to sit with Sarah and you will see that she is nothing of the sort!

Running a Small Business in Israel

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You can find business opportunities in every part of Israel and to match a variety of lifestyles. Whether you open your own business or look for employment in an existing company, the challenge in the Israeli business world is finding your particular niche in a market that is vastly different from the U.S., Canada or the UK.

Doing Business in Israel – Advice Based on Personal Experience!

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When considering any business, focus on what you bring to the table -- your background, your skills, your resources, and your competitive advantages. If it does not size up well with the Key Success Factor of the proposed business, save yourself time, money, and effort and consider something that does.