Business & Entrepreneurship

  • From Law School to “LinguistIt”

    Overlooking the quiet streets of Modiin, Sarah Davis sits in her office with two side-by-side screens in front of her. She vigorously types – eyes on one computer, fingers flying on the other, as pages of words are pumped out onto her screen. Petite and soft-pitched, some mistakenly think she is “too young,” or “non-credible…” But take a minute to sit with Sarah and you will see that she is nothing of the sort!

  • How to Start a Start-up in Israel

    When Olim are asked what motivated them to move to Israel, they offer reasons such as Zionism, affordable Jewish education, or even, for a significant other. One reason, that is increasingly obvious, but hardly mentioned, is “because I want to start a start-up.” Yet today becoming a part of the Start-up Nation could be one […]

  • Technological Incubators

    Technological incubators provide seed money for scientists and engineers in Israel who are interested in developing products in the hi-tech, biotech or environmental spheres. The incubators help entrepreneurs develop their technological ideas and establish a business.

  • Running a Small Business in Israel

    You can find business opportunities in every part of Israel and to match a variety of lifestyles. Whether you open your own business or look for employment in an existing company, the challenge in the Israeli business world is finding your particular niche in a market that is vastly different from the U.S., Canada or the UK.