Kibbutz Naan Ulpan

For more information, please see the following link. The program is partially covered by Aliyah benefits. The additional cost covers full room and board. The cost is 4,500 NIS for Olim (with a 500NIS deposit that is returned at the end of the course as long as the requirements were met). See Also: Aleph- Bet are offered.

3 days a week there’s Ulpan from 8:00-13:00. 2 days a week from 16:00-19:00.

Members take Ulpan classes and work on the kibbutz.

Field trips and seminars are included.

The upcoming start dates are February 12, 2015 and August 27, 2015.

Registration is done through The Jewish Agency for Israel , email for more information

Area, Neighborhood Rechovot (Modiin & Center מודיעין והמרכז)
Updated December 2014
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