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YTA is a high school specifically geared to Olim – recent as well as students who have been in Israel for a few years.  The goal of YTA is to ensure the successful absorption of new immigrants in high school by focusing on each student’s needs in a warm and caring environment.

Classes take place on Sunday through Thursday, from 8:30 AM until 3:30 PM in Ulpanat Neve Ruchama, located in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiryat Yovel.

YTA offers a full Bagrut program.  Students have a choice of two majors: computer science and art.  Classes are taught mainly in English.  However, teachers also use “Ivrit Kala” during classroom instruction. Small classes allow teachers to focus on each student, particularly in math.  A rich extra-curricular program includes weekly volunteering/trips for the 9th and 10th grade, shabbatonim, tiyul shnati for the whole school and a weekly chug period with a choice of dance, creative crafts, or basketball. YTA’s basketball team plays in the Ulpana League in Jerusalem.  Our full time Bat Sherut provides academic support and plays an important role in fostering relationships among the girls.

In the senior year, YTA introduces the girls to the various options available post high school such as Sherut Leumi, Midrasha and army service.  The staff and Bat Sherut provide guidance to the girls and help them navigate the process.

NEW:  Starting September 1, 2015, YTA is offering a year-long GED course.  The course provides preparation for the GED test in a warm and close environment.  Besides the GED course work students also participate in Judaic studies courses and extracurricular activities with the rest of the school.

Our students come from Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Ma’ale Adumim, Bet Shemesh, Modi’in and Hashmonaim.

Area, Neighborhood Kiryat Hayovel, Jerusalem (Jerusalem & Surrounding Area – ירושלים והסביבה)
Grades 9-12
Religious Type Mamlachti Dati/Torani – ממ”ד / תורני
Gender Girls
Specialty Olim specific
Contact Person Rabbi Elan Adler, 054-882-9117,
Address 8 Rechov Meir Grinwald Street, Jerusalem
Principal Rabbi Elan Adler
Percentage of English Speakers 100%
Established 2010
Tuition 18,500 NIS/year
Number of students in the school 50
Average number of students in a class 15-18
Updated October 2015

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