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The Naale program
The Naale program was designed to encourage youth from abroad to study in Israel during their high school years. The course of study is to earn the Bagrut Certificate. The North American division, known as the Elite Academy Program, has the following schools.

Testing to be accepted to the schools is done abroad – you will need to contact their main office for specifics.

To read an article about a student’s personal experience, see: A Life-Changing Experience for North American Teenagers in Israel, by Darryl Egnal

Note: According to the rules of the Ministry of Absorption, students who are considering Aliyah after they conclude the NAALE program, will need to make Aliyah within a year after graduating NAALE in order to receive their Aliyah benefits.

Grade Levels 14.9 – 16.6 years old
Special Needs The schools are not equipped to deal with learning disabilities.
Telephone number (USA) 1-866-835-0430
Address There are currently four different campuses – Kfar Saba for religious girls, Nof Ayalon for religious boys, Hod Hasharon for coed program, and Tzfat for Charedi girls.
Name of contact person Chaim –
Established in 2005
Tuition Free
Special programs for Olim While students are initially taught in English, Hebrew is gradually integrated into classroom discussions. For more info please click here.
Updated June 2015
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