Jerusalem American International School (k-12)

||||Jerusalem American International School (k-12)
Jerusalem American International School
JAIS Mission Statement:  The Jerusalem American International School is a private, secular, coeducational school for international and local students, offering a challenging program from preschool through high school, culminating with an accredited American high school diploma.  JAIS fosters a student-centered environment characterized by supportive relationships that inspire students to achieve academic potential, think creatively, show initiative, assume responsibility, develop a passion for life-long learning, and contribute actively to society.The majority of the students are children of diplomats or international corporate workers. While being stationed in Israel, they want to maintain the educational standards of their country of origin. About 15% of the students are local.  There is the possibility of a Sunday Hebrew Immersion program for an additional fee, if there is enough interest.

This school is a good choice for families who want their children to finish an American education or want them to graduate with something much more substantial than the GED. A family who might be a good candidate for this school is one that initially wanted to delay Aliyah until the children graduate from high school in the USA. This school gives them a US-accredited option here, so that they do not need to delay the Aliyah timeline. This is also an option for a family who has a child who is struggling in the local system; if the family is contemplating having the child complete his or her education in the U.S., they can choose JAIS instead.

The school also has a nursery and kindergarten program.

Area, Neighborhood Jerusalem (Jerusalem & Surrounding Area – ירושלים והסביבה)
Grade Levels P-12
Gender Coed
Speciality Olim, locals, expatriates
Special Needs JAIS has limited services for students with Special Needs. Applicants with special needs will be reviewed to determine the appropriateness of admission based on their ability to succeed in the standard curriculum in a normal classroom setting.
Telephone number 02-679-9611
Fax number 02-684-3423
Address Israel Goldstein Youth Village
Name of Principal Ken Abrams
Percentage of English speakers Language of instruction is English: 50% of the students have English as their first language. 50% have English as their second or third language.
Tuition 10,000 NIS registration fee
10,000 NIS capital fee
38,000 NIS base tuition for pre school
50,500 NIS base tuition for grades 1-5
58,500 NIS base tuition for grades 6-8
63,500 NIS for grades 9-12
Special Education and van services available for additional fees
Need based financial assistance is available, as well as merit scholarships for students in grades 9-12.
Number of students in the school 135-150
Number of kids on average in a class 15-20
Special programs for olim The language of instruction is English.
The students receive an accredited American High School diploma. They are able to take the SAT and AP exams through the school. They do not get a Teudat Bagrut.
Updated March 2014
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