School Profiles

Seminar Lapidot

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Seminar Lapidot provides high school daughters of immigrant families with an excellent academic education in an environment attuned to the needs of Olim. It is a Chareidi institution providing a complete Beit Yaakov curriculum in an atmosphere that is knowledgeable about, and sensitive to, the multitude cultures of overseas Jewish communities. Classes are conducted in Hebrew; help is provided to students with inadequate Hebrew skills. Seminar Lapidot’s goal is to create the next generation of Jewish “women of valor” committed to Torah, its laws and spirit, with a deep understanding of the Jewish woman’s role in the home, in the community and in the world at large.

Amit Yeshiva, Tzfat (7-12)

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The Amit Yeshiva, located in Tzefat, is characterized by a small student body. With one class per grade, the Yeshiva allows for intimate contact between the students, the Rabbis and the staff. Boys from Tzefat, Rosh Pina, Hatzor and the surrounding Moshavim begin their school day with morning Tefilla, arriving at 7:15 AM by school bus. The student body is diverse, united by the boys desire to acquire a serious high level Torani and secular education. Acceptance to the school is contingent on an application and screening process, accepting boys who want to learn in a Yeshiva atmosphere and who are dedicated to a Torah lifestyle.

Kol Hadassa

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The central goal of Kol Hadassa is to guide the girls towards achieving an accredited high school diploma via the Penn Foster program. The staff works with the students in both individual and group settings. Once the girls have earned their diploma, they prepare for the psychometric exam that will enable them to apply to Israeli higher education programs.


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It addresses the needs of religious girls who have already slipped far from their social fabric and school system. Tzofiah provides a therapeutic, residential home environment. Offers American adolescent girls from religious homes a fully comprehensive learning environment that also caters to the individual, emotional and special needs of its students. The nurturing, open, and safe family-structured environment, allows each Tzofiah student the freedom to grow at her own pace, without the pressure of living up to superimposed expectations.

Ohr Chodosh

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OhrChodosh has a very successful, yet specific program set up for boys 16.5 – 19. Boys must be drug free and shomerShabbos. Minyan is mandatory. The learning is very individualized, with short shiurim. There are Kollel guys who learn with the boys one on one every morning as well. Vocational training in the afternoons includes carpentry/woodworking and music (full recording studio on premises). Evening programs include computers (web design, flash media) gym facilities, Red Cross medical training, and more. Tiyulim play an active role in the curriculum. Full dorm, with full supervision.

Midrash Shmuel

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Midrash Shmuel is primarily a yeshiva for boys from abroad. The yeshiva is designed to be an intensive, yet balanced environment for the advanced development of its students. As a result it is somewhat flexible to accommodate individual requirements. This applies to both the personal studies and wider development of the student. Shiurim are all in English.

Pninei Chein

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Pninei Chein offers its students a Beit Yaakov Torah environment while enabling them to earn a full Bagrut certificate. It is a good option for Haredi families who want their daughters to be able to continue on to higher education. Bagrut majors include biology, computer science and graphic design. Many extra-curricular activities are offered to the students including a school play, Shabbatons, a mid-winter retreat, a Purim carnival and a Havruta learning program. The students are encouraged to study for their undergraduate degree in religious women’s colleges such as the Michlala in Bayit Vegan. Most of the students come from Magen Avot elementary school while there are a few from other schools as well.

Yeshivat Shaalvim – Naale

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The students in the Naale program are integrated with students in Yeshivat Shaalavim high school, as well as with students in the other Naale programs. The Naale staff works with each boy on an individual basis to make sure they are achieving their potential academically, socially and religiously. The close knit student body support one another in their transition into the program and form relationships that remain after their high school years.

Mosenson Youth Village/ Boarding School – Naale

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The Mosenson campus has been home to the Naale Elite program for 8 years, educating high school students who have come to Israel without their family. In 2012, they opened their program to high school Olim who have family in the country and do not want to live in a dormitory. The students are able to participate in all of the the courses that the Naale program offers, including their ulpan.

AMIT Maale Adumim- Girls

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MIT Ma'ale Adumim High School for Girls began the 2010/11 academic year with an enrollment of approximately 215 students in grades 7 through 12. The student body is characterized by a broad spectrum of ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic levels. Run on the principles of egalitarianism and integration, diversity in the students’ backgrounds is considered a key value.

Ohr Moshe

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Ohr Moshe is a high school catering to English-speaking Olim who have found it difficult to integrate into the mainstream Israeli school system. The school offers small classes, individual attention and personalized learning programs. The aim of the Limudei Kodesh program is to enable students to develop a genuine love of Torah and passion for Yiddishkeit which will accompany them throughout their lives. A full secular studies program is offered, with the goal of preparing students for the Bagrut exams.

Ohr Menachem Chabad Boys, Tzfat

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Ohr Menachem Boys Chabad in Tzfat was established more than thirty years ago under the directives of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The school puts a strong emphasis on Limudei Kodesh classes, and lesser emphasis on secular subjects. The boys learn math, Hebrew, science, sports, and English (through sixth grade). The school is a Mamlachti-Dati school, meaning that it is fully under the auspices of Misrad Hachinuch.

Ulpanat Eyal Barama, Nov, Golan

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Ulpanat Eyal Barama is a small girls’ religious dormitory high school located on Moshav Nov in the Golan. The students come from all over Israel, with approximately one third living in the Golan and the North of Israel. Students spend one Shabbat per month at the Ulpana. Girls from the Golan do not need to sleep week nights in the dorm, though they, too, each have a bed and share a room. The Ulpana caters especially to girls who are looking for a small, warm, family-like atmosphere. It also specializes in helping girls with special learning needs.

Noam School, Tzfat

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The Noam school in Tzefat, or Beit Sefer Noam, offers a warm, caring environment for its students, coupled with a strong Torani atmosphere and a serious academic program in both secular and Jewish subjects. It is achievement-oriented and academically-oriented, and the students achieve higher than average grades. Side by side with this, the school organizes music and arts classes, as well as many extra curricular events and experiential activities for the students throughout the year. The school was founded over 20 years ago, and moved into its current building just five years ago, with separate girls and boys branches.

Amit Girls Tzfat, Netiv Ulpanit, Tzfat

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The Amit Girls’ School in Tzefat is divided into two tracks: the Ulpanit, which puts a large emphasis on Torah learning, and the “New Track,” which accepts girls from a variety of backgrounds. The schools, though sharing a common executive directorship, are housed in separate buildings, each with its own principal and its own characteristics.

Amital – Mamad Torani (Homat Shmuel)

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For an introduction to this school, please see the school's video on YouTube. This school, named in memory of Rav Yehuda Amital z"l, The Jewish school, Rabbi Amital moth was established three years ago. The school works collaboratively with the yeshiva in Alon Shevut, where Rabbi Amital served as Rosh Yeshiva and we are fortune throughout the year to participate in events and activities with students and rabbis at the yeshiva. The school emphasizes the values of Torah learning to educational excellence and a good atmoshphere.

Netivot Yoram

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Netivot Yoram is a music school in Beer Sheva. The concept of this school is that music develops children’s total senses and makes them more aware of their environment, engaging their concentration and advancing their academic capabilities. Throughout the day, there is always some kind of music instruction taking place, and the program is rounded out by various classes in dance and sports

Yerushalayim Torah Academy for Boys

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The goal of the school is to help English speaking boys acclimate to the Israeli school system. The school is approved by the Ministry of Education, and is part of Yeshivat Netiv Meir. Language of instruction: YTA offers a range of options: English instruction with Hebrew texts, shiurim in easy Hebrew, Hebrew instruction (classes with Netiv Meir).Our goal is to insure that each student continues to excel academically while learning Hebrew at his own pace.

AMIT Modiin Junior High School (Boys)

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The AMIT boys school, which seeks to foster a heterogeneous religious community, offers a comprehensive Judaic and general studies curriculum. The school’s slogan is “Lilmod, L’chvod, Ul’haamin”- to learn, to honor and to believe. Their approach to interdisciplinary studies is to promote a creative and innovative experience in learning.

Ahavat Yisrael Ulpana Girls, RBS 7-11

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The Ulpana prides itself on the attention that it gives to each student and on the staff’s creative approach to Torah education. There is a strong emphasis on academic excellence. Students are offered an accelerated track in science, math and Hebrew language. In parallel, there are many extra-curricular activities throughout the school year including seminars, Shabbatons, a school play and one-day trips.

Ahavat Yisrael (Rappaport) Boys, RBS 7-12

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The educational and religious philosophy of the Yeshiva follows that of the elementary school. The boys are taught to love learning Torah while acquiring skills to become active members of society. A full Bagrut program is an integral part of the curriculum. Bagrut majors include: Land of Israel studies, electronics and computers. Graduates of Ahavat Yisrael elementary school are not automatically accepted to the Yeshiva; rather, they need to submit an application.

Yerushalayim Torah Academy for Girls

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The goal of YTA is to ensure a successful absorption for new immigrants in high school by focusing on each individual student's needs. The school provide a warm, caring environment which prepares English speaking girls for life in Israel. While there are new Olim in the school, most of the students have been in Israel for a few years.

Bais Yaakov Bnos Malka

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Beis Yaakov Bnos Malka takes an integrative and child-centered approach to education. Therefore, lessons are designed to maximally engage the child and skills are built in a developmentally appropriate fashion. Teachers work together to integrate both skills and content in both the Judaic and general studies curriculum. There is an emphasis on Hebrew enrichment.

Shema Center for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, Haifa

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Shema's services are available throughout the country, with this particular branch of the organization serving Haifa and other northern communities. It is essential to note that this is not a school, but rather a program. Merkaz Shema (as a continuation of the Micha program which offers services to children aged 0-6)offers diverse services to students with hearing disabilities, all designed to help students integrate into their current school system.

Shema Center for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, Jerusalem

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Established in 1968, SHEMA is a registered Israeli non-profi¬t organization dedicated to meeting the unique needs of children who are deaf and with hearing loss. Shema, the only organization of its kind in Israel, provides services that children do not otherwise receive.

Shema Center for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, Be’er Sheva

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Shema's services are available throughout the country, with this particular branch serving Be'er Sheva and southern areas of the country. It is essential to note that this is not a school, but rather a program. Merkaz Shema (as a continuation of the Micha program which offers services to children aged 0-6)offers diverse services to students with hearing disabilities, all designed to help students integrate into their current school system. The organization's goal is to supply hearing impaired students with the appropriate environmental conditions and the tools they need to develop at their maximum potential.

Shema Center for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, Tel Aviv

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Shema's services are available throughout the country, with this particular branch of the organization serving the larger Tel Aviv and Center of the country area. This is not a school, but rather a program. Merkaz Shema (as a continuation of the Micha program which offers services to children aged 0-6)offers diverse services to students with hearing disabilities, all designed to help students integrate into their current school system.

Yeshivat Bnei Chayil (Kedumim)

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Field of Study: History of the Land of Israel and Graphic Design. The students can take courses in the Kiryat Ono College as well. Almost all of the students get a bagrut certificate and continue on to mechina programs and army service. Students can live in one of the two dormitory homes with 15 other boys. They live with a family and are involved in preparing meals and taking care of the house.

Yeshivat Chevruta

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Yeshivat Chevruta is oriented towards those boys who may have difficulty achieving academic success in a typical classroom. Through creative programming, students gain a better understanding of their acheivments and ability to be self motivated. There is a general philosophy that there is no reason to push a student into a course of study that they will probably fail. Most of the students do not take the bagrut tests.


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The curriculum at school focuses on several areas: promoting learning skills, academic skills of independent functioning and community integration, development of language skills and interpersonal communication, and developing life skills, vocational rehabilitation and preparation for working life, instilling religious values: daily prayer in the school's synagogue and more.

Neurim (7-12)

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The staff develops an individual program for each student that will give them the skills to be self-sufficient and independent. They offer a full secular and Jewish studies curriculum as well as many enrichment programs (woodworking, art, drama, judo and music). Beit Midrash program and Havruta learning with boys from a local Yeshiva Tichonit.

Yeshivat Kfar Zeitim, Lower Galil

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YeshivatKfarZeitim provides an enriching experience for Haredi teens who require an alternative educational framework. The students are provided with a fully integrated program of Torah study, vocational training and therapeutic activities. Torah Study – The students receive individualized attention and learn in small groups according to their level of learning.

Misholim – Jerusalem Expressive Therapy Center for Children

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Misholim , the Jerusalem Expressive Art Therapy Center serves children, from infancy to age 18, who suffer from social isolation and are grappling with social and psychological difficulties, learning disabilities, conflicts within the family and post-traumatic symptoms.

Yeshivat Lech Lecha

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The Yeshiva is for students who learned in the yeshiva high schools and needed a different type of framework. It has a family-like atmosphere. They learn all the subjects for the bagrut as well as extra hours of Torah study. They go on a trip once a week off campus. Boys come from many different areas, so the school day starts at 10:00 AM to allow for travel time.


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It is for students who were having a hard time in the regular school system and need a nurturing program that will get them back on track. Special attention is given to Anglos. Each class has a homeroom teacher and counselor. Each boy receives an individual program, Full bagrut offered. Megamot in music, art, photography.

Magen Halev

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The Gan, known as Gan Safa is specifically for children ages 4-5 with speech/language delays. There are two boys and two girls groups. Students are from both RBS and BS. Additionally, there is a gan for those who are developmentally delayed in addtion to speech delays. Most students are mainstreamed for first grade into a typical school system.

Jerusalem American International School (k-12)

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The Jerusalem American International School is a private, secular, coeducational school for international and local students, offering a challenging program from preschool through high school, culminating with an accredited American high school diploma. JAIS fosters a student-centered environment characterized by supportive relationships that inspire students to achieve academic potential, think creatively, show initiative, assume responsibility, develop a passion for life-long learning, and contribute actively to society.

Ginat Eden Rehabilitation Farm (9-12)

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Ginat Eden is a unique rehabilitation farm in Israel's Jordan Valley, especially for teenage girls at risk, but also for girls who are not at risk. Not far from the Dead Sea, miles from the negative pull of the city, Ginat Eden is a warm, therapeutic environment where the girls live, work, study and become part of a supportive community. Founded and directed by Rabbi Nir and Nava Efrati, both young, dynamic educators, Ginat Eden helps get these young woman back on track and headed toward a brighter future. Among the facilities that this program provides are academic and religious studies, counseling, and innovative therapies such as agricultural work, crafts and trade studies. Ginat Eden's goal is to help these young women get back on track and for the farm to become self-sufficient.

Gan Sulam (Ages 3-7)

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Sulam provides an educational and therapeutic program for children with developmental delays, cognitive, emotional, physical or motorical. Sulam's devoted staff creates a warm, loving environment that encourages each child to achieve his best and reach his potential. Sulam gives each child the chance to become more independent, thus integrating into normal society.

Feurstein School (1-12+)

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Educational services offered at the ICELP include a wide range of programs for children and young adults with special needs. The main purpose of the school is to provide intensive mediation to the students and in this way to increase their cognitive modifiability. After two-three years in the ICELP's school the students are expected to be able to integrate into regular schools or into special classes for students with less severe learning problems.

Broshim (1-8)

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Students are only accepted to Broshim after they have been evaluated by the "Vaadat HaSama." The school offers services to any student in Jerusalem who suffers from learning disabilities, regardless of gender or religious affiliation. The school's population is both Jewish and Arabic. Among the specialists on the staff are: occupational therapists, communications specialists, a psychologist, a social worker, a social coordinator, and a reading specialist. The school provides trips for the children's enjoyment and boasts a library, a computer room and a sports hall. The school teaches the students activities for daily living. This school services students with the following disabilities: attention disorders, ADHD, language disabilities, emotional disorders and students who have trouble with organizational skills and skills of independence.

Beit Chinuch Erev (11-12)

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The school is designed for students who want to finish their high school requirements while they work. The school meets during night hours which allows the students time during the day to work. The school provides its students with a hot dinner every evening and has a guidance counselor and social worker on staff. The school works at providing a supportive, friendly environment for its students. It is intended for students who want to have a 12-year high school diploma.

Teen Ulpan

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For students aged 7 to 18. Hebrew is taught at 5 levels, providing students with a strong foundation to ensure greater success when they begin school. The Ulpan provides a solid background in reading comprehension, writing and conversational skills, as well as 4 weekly hours of mathematics. Teachers provide individualized attention to students as needed. Students are encouraged to transition to a regular high school once the staff has determiend that the student is sufficiently ready. The program runs throughout the school year and accepts students on an ongoing basis.

Ayelet Hashachar Youth Village for Girls (9-12), Golan

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yelet Hashachar, located on Moshav Yonatan in the Golan, is a small, religious boarding high school for girls who have not been able to succeed in a regular school setting. Over the past 10 years, Ayelet Hashachar has helped many girls turn their lives around, and even pursue higher education in a variety of professions. The atmosphere is warm and family-like. The girls are guided not only through their studies, but in their personal development as well. Students are invited to participate in community life in the Yishuv and are invited to join Shabbat and holiday meals with local families.

Afikim (1-9)

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The Afikim school, which is supported by Amutat Sulam, is for religious girls with learning and/or emotional disabilities. The staff has developed an individualized, comprehensive program plan to meet each child's unique educational and therapeutic needs. The school provides a wide range of therapies including: speech, occupational, physical, animal, art, play, music, and dance.


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Assistant provided in each class. Special programs in music, art, carpentry, and cooking. While there is no special programming for new olim, the school will work together with parents, student, and municipal ulpan. The school features a small animal corner (pinat chai) and special programs related to nature. Placement exclusivly through the municipal special education placement committee

Zichron Yaakov – Yeshiva Tichonit

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This is a unique Yeshiva Tichonit offering 14 weekly hours of Tanach and 3 weekly hours of Talmud study. The Tanach curriculum includes: text and commentaries, geography and history of the Biblical time period, art and topics of special interest (examples: weapons and food in the Tanach). They also have a full secular studies program. The school day ends at 4:00 PM. The Yeshiva plans on adding one grade each year until they reach the 12th grade.