Student Authority Tuition Benefits

Degrees covered:

  • Undergraduate Degree
  • Graduate degree or certificates for undergraduates
  • Re-training for North American Olim with BA/BSc Degree in Medicine, OT, PT or Law
  • University Preparatory programs OR Taka pre-academic programs

Period of eligibility:
Students must begin their studies* within 36 months of making Aliyah, not counting army or national service. The period is determined by date that student began studies even if was not funded by the student authority.

Students must begin their studies before their 23rd birthday for Mechina and 27th for undergraduate\practical engineering\certificate studies 30th for graduate\certificates for undergraduates\or re-training for Undergraduates

Amount of assistance:
Tuition grants to cover the standard number of years per degree:

  • B.A.\B.Sc. = 3 years
  • B.Ed. or Engineering or nursing = 4 years
  • Architecture\Medicine = 5 years
  • M.A.\M.Sc.  = 2 years.
    * It can be up to 3 years if a year of supplementary courses if necessary.
    Assistance for Mechina is given in addition to assistance for regular studies.

Mechina is ONLY funded for students obligated by the university to do the Mechina.

The Student Authority pays UP TO standard state fees:

  • Undergraduate = about 10,200 NIS per year
  • Graduate = about 13,800 NIS per year
  • University Preparatory Program (Mechinat Olim) = about 17,800 NIS per year

The Student Authority does NOT fund:

  • Dormitories of living expenses
  • Repeating an undergraduate degree
  • Registration fees, psychometric & other entrance exams, social services, health insurance, campus security etc.
  • Hebrew studies during academic studies
  • University summer ulpan

The Student Authority will fund a second graduate degree subject to approval by the Exceptions Committee and only for students applying within Israel.

Study breaks:
Students must study consecutively, and are entitled to a one year break during their studies, two years on completion of Mechina or Taka.

Additional assistance offered:

  • English courses
  • Summer Ulpan run by Student Authority
  • Academic & social support
  • Taka tuition (open to academics under 30 who are not necessarily Student Authority candidates)

Additional conditions:

  • Students who receive any other Government grant will not be able to receive the Student Authority grant during the same academic year (such as the army grant).
  • Students who receive funding for a course from the Ministry of Absorption will receive 50% less assistance during their first year of studies.
  • Students who took a break of 3 years or over between their last studies and their current studies are required to provide an Official Declaration that they do not already have the same degree.
    This ‘Hatzharah’ (official declaration) can be done for a minimal fee at the local courts.
    An appointment is not needed, rather one can just show up at the court during office hours. See link for locations and hours: ( You can also get the ‘Hatzarah’ from a lawyer, but it is much more expensive.

Shahak (community volunteer service) is a program for student Olim who are receiving tuition benefits from the Student Authority. By volunteering in a communal organization of their choice, students receive the remaining 50% of their tuition funding in their third year of studies. Students that continue on to 4th and/or 5th year of study must complete 120 hours of volunteer service per year to continue receiving Student Authority funding.
Currently, the student has to complete 120 hours over the course of the year*.
By participating in this program, Olim have the chance to engage in communal service and to integrate into Israeli society
Shahak offers a wide range of programs, including working at community centers (Matnas), hospitals, old age homes, emergency centers, schools, etc.

*Bear in mind that the timeline of the volunteer service goes according to the standard school year.

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