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Major cities in Israel offer scholarships and subsidized housing to students to encourage them to live in neighborhoods that are in need of a young dynamic population.  These scholarships are often specific to certain fields of study and often include mandatory volunteer work.

Tel Aviv 

The scholarships are given to students living in the southern neighborhoods of the city (Neve Sha’anan, Shapiro, Hatikva and Jaffa). In order to receive a scholarship, the student is required to volunteer in the neighborhood where they choose to live.

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Neve Sha’anan Neighborhood
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Shapira Neighborhood
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Jaffa Neighborhood
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Hatikva Neighborhood
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The ‘Student Village’

Hebrew University of Jerusalem Student Village. There are seven buildings in the Student Village, each of which is seven to ten stories high, including apartments of two, three and five rooms. Each student lives in a private room. The apartment includes a kitchen, dining room, living room, two toilets and bathroom. The dormitories are fully furnished and include air conditioning and Internet service options.

The Student Village is not just limited for students from the Hebrew University; it is also open to students from Betzalel, Hadassah College, the College of Engineering, and more. Students who wish to live in the Student Village are encouraged to contact their educational institution to request a registration form.

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The Jerusalem Scholarship

The Jerusalem municipality awards scholarships to students who live and study in Jerusalem, for undergraduate and graduate studies, in fields of technology and science.

Undergraduate Scholarships: 8,000 NIS.
Graduate Scholarships: 10,000 NIS


‘Aviv’ Scholarships

The ‘Aviv’ Scholarship includes full exemption from payment of tuition fees, and a monthly stipend. The scholarship is intended for motivated students in Jerusalem, who need comprehensive assistance. Students who received the ‘Aviv’ Scholarship are committed to volunteer within the community, in one of the program’s activities.

This scholarship is intended primarily for first-year students. To file a request for the scholarship, the student must fill out the form to request the scholarship, during the registration period of the upcoming semester.

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Beer Sheva

The Project for Funded Housing in the Old-City of Beer Sheva

The housing project in the old-city of Be’er Sheva began in June 2011, and today, there are around 150 students living in Beer Sheva as part of this project.

Students who are found eligible for the project will get 500 NIS per month. As part of the project, studen

ts must do volunteer work within the community, amounting to at lease twenty-five hours a year. In order to be part of the project, you must fill out all of the forms and certificates that are relevant.

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The Open Apartment Program at Ben Gurion University

This program offers a great opportunity for students who want to become a part of a vibrant student community in the older neighborhoods, Gimmel and Daled. These students are granted a free apartment, and a onetime payment of 1500 NIS, and are responsible for running activities, and getting involved in the community.

In order to receive a free apartment, students are required to do at least six hours of community service hours a week including:
– Running after-school sport lessons, art lessons, music lessons, and tutoring.
– Having an adopted family
– Participating and running community-wide summertime and holiday activities.

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Garin Communities

Joining a Garin community is another way to find inexpensive housing in cities and towns throughout the country.

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Northern Israel

Student Villages

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For more information about the student villages in the North:

הכפר בעכו
הכפר במנחמיה
הכפר בכרמיאל
הכפר בקריית שמונה