Recognition of High School Diplomas

In order to be accepted to many colleges (michlalot) in Israel, it is necessary to receive official recognition by the Israeli Ministry of Education of your high school diploma. The process involves presenting a photocopy of the following documents:

  • Teudat Oleh (if you’ve made Aliyah)
  • Teudat Zehut (if you are a citizen) or foreign passport (if you haven’t yet made Aliyah)
  • High school diploma and transcripts

If the documents are in English, they don’t have to be translated, and it is not recommended to send originals. You can apply for and receive this official recognition prior to making Aliyah, and the process generally takes about 2 weeks.

Please note that a GED diploma earned abroad, before making Aliyah, will be accepted in Israel.  However, Olim wishing to earn their GED degree after making Aliyah are required to participate in a GED course in Israel.  For more information, contact Carmit Michaeli, at

The documents, along with a request and return address, should be sent to: Carmit Michaeli, HaYechida L’Haarachat Haskala Tichonit, Misrad HaChinuch, Rechov Kanfei Nesharim 22, Jerusalem.

Please note: This recognition process is not necessary for admission to Israeli universities but is limited to many colleges.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Machleket Ishurei Haskalah Tikhonit at 02 560 1371/2.