Educational Children’s Magazines in Israel

||||Educational Children’s Magazines in Israel

Encouraging your children to read educational children’s magazines is a great way to help them improve their Hebrew language skills and to learn about Israeli culture. Furthermore, they can familiarize themselves in Hebrew with topics that may have been of interest to them in North America or England like science, literature, history, technology, Torah stories, music, art and more. The magazines are well-designed with plenty of photographs, illustrations, and cartoons enabling even a new Oleh to enjoy them. Here is a comprehensive list of the available children’s magazines, with descriptions and links.

  • Einayim (Eyes) is a monthly magazine for children aged 6-13. Each issue of Einayim revolves around one central topic and presents it from various angles using articles, riddles, comics, stories, and creative projects and activities. Einayim offers a broad range of  activities and experiences – with particular emphasis placed on visual aspects. The magazine stimulates children’s curiosity, encourages interest in various topics, and provides children with enrichment in areas of culture, science, art, nature and creativity. See:
  • Ezbeoni  (My Little Finger)  is a monthly magazine written in easy Hebrew. It covers a variety of subjects such as holidays ,culture, the human body, science and technology, computers, sports, crosswords, quizzes and other activities. See:
  • Sukaryot (Candies) for preschool children is monthly magazine that include an interesting variety of topics and activities including: language games, science, art, nature, sports, law, current events, Jewish holidays, comics, and geography. Many popular children’s authors write for this wholesome magazine. See:
  • Daf Daf is an online children’s magazine, which also includes articles for parents. See:
  • Otiot La’Yeladim (Letters for Kids) is a weekly supplement to the Friday section of the Makor Rishon newspaper and is geared towards the Dati-Leumi community. It is designed for children aged 6-10. The magazine includes stories, Torah, comics, poems, art, jokes, and interesting articles on many different topics. It often includes interviews with children in different communities throughout the country. See:
  • Marva L’Tzama (Thirst Quenching) is a weekly magazine for adults and children designed for Chareidi families. It includes Torah stories and Torah-related topics. Phone number: 09-887-5300, fax number: 09-887-5400
  • Yeladim (Children) is a monthly supplement of Mishpacha magazine which is published in Hebrew. It is written for the Orthodox community and includes Parshat Hashavua stories, crafts, family stories, comics, current events, activities, recipes, interviews with children around the world and craft projects. See:
  • Zarkor (Spotlight) is a weekly magazine designed for Chareidi children and their families. It includes comics, adventure stories, Parsha and Midrash stories, Halacha, recipes, songs, games and crossword puzzles. Phone number: 02-538-5468
  • Tzivot Hashem (Army of Hashem) is a weekly magazine published by the Chabad movement. It includes stories, games, comics and crafts all revolving around the weekly Parshat Hashavua (Torah portion). See:

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