School Expenses

Note: The amounts listed below are approximate and are subject to change. Please check with your local school district for exact tuition rates.


Standard tuition fees are determined by Misrad Hachinuch (Ministry of Education), not by the individual school. This standard fee includes: accident insurance, dental insurance, and a certain number of cultural activities and school trips. Schools that offer additional hours, activities, trips and programming charge an additional fee. Examples of such are: semi-private elementary schools, Yeshivot, Ulpanot, specialized schools (democratic, science and art, etc.), and Talmud Torahs.


  • Maon (government-supervised daycare): 18,000 NIS – 25,200 NIS per year
  • Mishpachton (private daycare): 22,800 NIS – 28,800 NIS per year
  • Trom-Trom Chova and Trom Chova (3 and 4 year old nursery): No standard tuition fee
  • Gan Chova (Kindergarten): 250 NIS per year

Parents may need to pay an additional fee to the municipality to cover additional services.  The amount of this fee varies by city and ranges from about 300 NIS to 800 NIS per year.

Ganim (Trom-Trom through Gan Chova) generally end at 1:30pm. Some cities provide an extended school day to the students at no extra charge. In other cities, you may register for Tzaharon (an afternoon program until 4:00 or 4:30pm) at a cost of an additional 800-1,000 NIS per month.

Within the first two years of Aliyah, mothers are entitled to a subsidy for government-run childcare at a Maon or Peuton (day care program) such as Emunah, Naamat and WIZO. This subsidy also applies to mothers studying for a BA or MA degree. In the case of the MA degree, there is a 20 hour per week minimum work. To apply for the subsidy, please click here or here (both links are in Hebrew).

Mamlachti (Public), Mamlachti-Dati (Public-Religious), and Haredi (Beit Yaakov) Schools

  • 1st-6th grade: 575-950 NIS per year
  • 7th – 9th grade: 1,100 NIS per year
  • 10th-12th grade: 1,200-1,400 NIS per year

Semi-Private Schools in all sectors

  • 1st-6th grade: 2,000-6,000 NIS per year
  • 7th- 9th grade: 3,000-6,000 NIS per year
  • 10th-12th grade: 5,000-15,000 NIS per year


If a family lives a certain distance from the district school, transportation expenses are covered by the Iriyah (city) or Moetza (municipality) and Misrad Hachinuch (2 kilometers for K-4th grade; 3 kilometers for 5th-12th grade). Depending on the location, the child will either receive a public bus ticket or transportation will be organized for the students. However, if a family decides to send their child to a non-district school, transportation expenses are not covered. It is important to contact the local Machleket Hachinuch (Department of Education) in order to find out which schools are considered to be district schools.

Children with severe physical or emotional disabilities are entitled to transportation regardless of the distance of the school from their house.

Books and School Supplies

Some schools lend books to the students. However, in most schools, parents need to purchase the books. Many of the bookstores also offer used schoolbooks for sale that can significantly reduce the total cost. Generally, the cost for books in the higher grades is greater than in the lower grades.

The approximate cost of new books ranges from 300-700 NIS depending on the grade level and the school.

School supplies cost approximately 100-200 NIS per child.

Chugim (After-School Activities)

Many children participate in at least one, if not several, after school group activities that include: sports, dance, art, Torah enrichment, martial arts, scouting, and many others.

The average monthly cost for a 1-hour weekly activity ranges between 80-150 NIS.

Private music lessons range between 75-120 NIS per hour.

Private Tutors

Fees range from 80-130 NIS per hour depending on the subject, grade level and professional qualifications of the tutor.

Parental Payment

Please click here for a handy guide to the limits on school fees and parental payments for the 2014-2015 school year.


The Israeli government runs a program that is aimed to help single parents allow their children to enjoy the afternoon activities. The program is designed for parents of children up to age 11, or those who have not yet completed the sixth grade – the program includes babysitting, tutoring, mentoring, classes, and more…

For whom is the program designed?
The program is designed for single parents who during the past two months at the most before the filing of the application started a new job consisting at least 22 hours a week or increased their job by 10 hours per week – 30 hours per week at least. And received Social Security benefits (completion / income support or / and food fees ) at least two consecutive months out of the last 12 months before the date of application; Alternatively, recipients of benefits for single parents who attend vocational training courses.

Length of the program
For participants in training courses – up to 4 months. Participants in preparatory courses for guidance + course – up to 5 months, for employees – up to 12 months.

For further information, see: kolzchut

Please contact by telephone – 1700-70-25-35 or by email- or by fax – 08-677-6030