Education (Child/Teen)

  • Finding Schools for Your Children: An Introduction

    How to Search the NBN School DatabaseThis database is designed to facilitate your family’s successful Aliyah by helping you research appropriate school options for your children. Since this database is uniquely designed for Anglo olim, we have listed schools that have at least a 10% student body who come from English speaking homes. Schools with less than a 10% English speaking population are included if that is the primary school for that community.

  • Ivchunim (School Evaluation)

    This article was contributed by Surelle Itzkowitz, a psychologist who is also a certified educational evaluator. She can be reached at  This article provides parents with the tools to navigate the evaluation system in Israel. There are 3 primary types of Ivchunim: Psychologi (Psychological) Diadacti (Educational) Psychodidacti / Meshulav (Psycho-Educational/ Integrated) 1. Psychologit (Psychologist) A psychologist must have Mumchiut (expertise) in the field of […]

  • School Expenses

    Note: The amounts listed below are approximate and are subject to change. Please check with your local school district for exact tuition rates. Tuition Standard tuition fees are determined by Misrad Hachinuch (Ministry of Education), not by the individual school. This standard fee includes: accident insurance, dental insurance, and a certain number of cultural activities […]

  • School Registration

    Choosing a school for your child(ren) is one of the most significant decisions that needs to be made in the Aliyah planning process. Understanding the way the school system works in Israel will help you make a quality decision. Many Olim are accustomed to a private day school system in which registration takes places at […]

  • Tenu’ot Noar (Youth Groups)

    The majority of Israeli children join a local Tenu’at Noar, or youth movement. Much of a movement’s activity is carried out through weekly and Shabbat meetings as well as a week-long summer camp. Madrichim (leaders) use methods of informal education to inspire and teach the Chanichim (children) or to induce discussion and thought. Each youth […]

  • High Schools for English Speakers

    One of the keys to a child’s academic and social success in Israel is his or her ability to interact in Hebrew in the classroom and in informal social settings. While some teens may have a day school background in Hebrew, it is usually not sufficient for everyday life. To address this need, there are […]

  • Glossary of Mathematical Terminology

    Angle Zavit זווית Acute angle Katan Me-Tishim Maalot; Zavit Chadah קטן מ90 מעלות ,זווית חדה Adjacent Tsamud, Karov, Samuch סמוך, קרוב, צמוד Approximately B’Kiruv בקירוב Asymptote Asymptota אסימפטוטה Algebra Algebra אלגברה Altitude Rom Govhat גובהת רום Area Shetach שטח Arc Keshet קשת Axis Tsir ציר Binomial Binom בינום Bisect Chituch, Chiluk Lishnayim חילוק לשניים, חיתוך […]

  • Bringing Teenage Children on Aliyah

    The teenage years are often a tumultuous time, even in the most stable of circumstances. When a family makes Aliyah with a teenage child, parents are often justifiably concerned about how their adolescent child will react to the dramatic transitions that are inherent in the Aliyah experience. Leaving friends, a familiar school system and social […]

  • Bagrut (Matriculation Exam) Leniencies for Olim

    The Israeli high school system prepares students to take the Bagrut (matriculation) exams.  These exams are needed in order to apply to university or college programs.  Bagrut exams are given in 11th-12th grade. The Department of Education accommodates new Olim by offering special leniencies to help students succeed in the exams. In order to receive the […]

  • Educational Consultants

    All consultants are native English speakers who offer a free initial consultation (up to 20 minutes). Consultants are listed alphabetically. Deborah Broder and Ruchie Bromberg of HaMaKoR AD(H)D coaching and case managing services Deborah and Ruchie are both certified ADD coaches. HaMaKoR is a centre established to provide information, support, coaching services, and networking for […]

  • Terms You’ll Come Across When Navigating the Israeli School System

    מנהל/ת Principal/Head Teacher Menahel/Menahelet סגן /סגנית Vice Principal Sgan /Sganit יועץ/יועצת Guidance Counselor Yoetz/Yoetzet רכזת עולים Oleh Coordinator Rakezet Olim מחנך/מחנכת Homeroom Teacher (grade coordinator,form tutor) Mechanech/Mechanechet מזכירה Secretary Mazkirah חונך/חונכת Peer Assistant Chonech/Chonechet עמותה School Board Amuta ועד הורים Parents Committee Va’ad Horim בת / בנות שירות Girl in National Service Bat/Bnot Sheirut מורה […]

  • School Networks

    In the past 30 years, school networks have sprouted up all over Israel, founded either by parent group initiatives or by organizations which were seeking an alternative to the existing school system. These networks are fully recognized by the department of education and can be found in both the religious and the non-religious sectors. We […]

  • Questions to Ask When Interviewing Schools

    One of the key components of a successful Aliyah for a family is a child’s success in their new school. While adjustments will need to be made as the child settles in, finding out about the school prior to Aliyah will make the acclimation process easier. We strongly recommend that parents make an effort to […]

  • Choosing a School and its Religious Approach

    Finding a School that Complements Your Religious Outlook Finding a school that fits your religious philosophy and values is a critical component of Aliyah planning. Understanding Israeli terminology will give you the tools that are necessary for searching for the right school system for your family. The school system that is chosen should be in […]

  • Sending Your Child to Gan (Municipal Pre-School & Kindergarten)

    By Esther Boylan Wolfson, M.A. Partners with Parents Educational Consulting Services For young children who are new Olim, Gan (preschool) is an important experience that can help set them on the right path in their new homeland. The following is a list of frequently asked questions about Israeli Ganim, including basic information about what to expect […]

  • How to Choose a School for your Child: Guide to the Perplexed

    For many parents, their first experience with choosing a school comes only upon making Aliyah. They frequently do not have a choice of schools in North America or the U.K. When they make Aliyah, parents find themselves, often for the very first time, needing to consider their own educational philosophy and religious outlook when choosing […]