Education & Ulpan

  • Citizen Café OOlpan

    Citizen Café OOlpan offers the new urban approach to learning Hebrew for real life. It’s tailored 10 week courses are available at all levels with highly skilled teachers, in very small groups, focusing on bringing practical Hebrew to life, with a unique method, making it easier to communicate and connect with Israelis. If you want to […]

  • Aviv Bertele – Hebrew Language Education

    This Ulpan runs three semesters yearly (Fall, Winter and Spring).  Each semester lasts 10 weeks and the classes, 8-10 students each, learn for 3 hours per week. Students are placed according to either placement tests or according to the results of previous classes. Classes Absolute Beginners to Dalet are offered, as well as the university levels and […]

  • Seminar Lapidot

    Seminar Lapidot provides high school daughters of immigrant families with an excellent academic education in an environment attuned to the needs of Olim. It is a Chareidi institution providing a complete Beit Yaakov curriculum in an atmosphere that is knowledgeable about, and sensitive to, the multitude cultures of overseas Jewish communities. Classes are conducted in Hebrew; help is provided to students with inadequate Hebrew skills. Seminar Lapidot’s goal is to create the next generation of Jewish “women of valor” committed to Torah, its laws and spirit, with a deep understanding of the Jewish woman’s role in the home, in the community and in the world at large.

  • Ulpan Kiriat Sefer

    Ulpan Kiryat Sefer teaches Hebrew to a women-only group in Modi’in Illit/Kiryat Sefer. The Ulpan takes place twice a week and is open to everyone, not just local residents. The Ulpan is not yet covered by the Misrad Haklita, but it is subsidized by the city, and the fees are around 80 NIS per month.

  • YAEL Test

    Thank you to Machon Noam for submitting this article. For more information about Machon Noam and their preparation courses for the exam, click here. Machon Noam offers a 10% discount to Olim taking their prep course (enter the code YAEL1016 at checkout). The YAEL test is a Hebrew proficiency test. Students who take the Psychometric Entrance Test (PET) […]

  • Yeshivas B’nei Heichola

    Yeshivas B’nei Heichola (YBH) is a Yeshiva high school that caters to the Anglo-Israeli teenager from a Haredi or Chardal background. YBH is a fantastic alternative to the “mainstream” Israeli Yeshiva system for Olim from Anglo communities around the world. Over the past 5 years we have seen tremendous success in developing many teenagers into […]

  • Amit Yeshiva, Tzfat (7-12)

    The Amit Yeshiva, located in Tzefat, is characterized by a small student body. With one class per grade, the Yeshiva allows for intimate contact between the students, the Rabbis and the staff. Boys from Tzefat, Rosh Pina, Hatzor and the surrounding Moshavim begin their school day with morning Tefilla, arriving at 7:15 AM by school bus. The student body is diverse, united by the boys desire to acquire a serious high level Torani and secular education. Acceptance to the school is contingent on an application and screening process, accepting boys who want to learn in a Yeshiva atmosphere and who are dedicated to a Torah lifestyle.

  • Ulpan Bayit

    Ulpan Bayit is a small private ulpan in the heart of Tel Aviv.  Small class sizes ensure individual attention and all of our teachers have received certification to teach Hebrew as a Foreign Language from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.Classes are offered in the mornings and the evenings for levels Aleph, Bet, and Gimel. There is also […]

  • Dror (1-6), Emek HaMa’ayont

    Dror school started as special needs classes for children with Autism that was part of Rimon school in Kibbutz Messilot. As of the past few years it is an independent school, located on Kibbutz Messilot next to Rimon school. Each child in the school has an individual learning plan which includes a wide range of […]

  • Ramat Gan Ulpan

    The Ramat Gan Ulpan offers two levels of Hebrew study. The Ulpan level Alef course is designed for Olim who want to establish their Hebrew in order to better integrate into Israeli society.  The classes are taught by a professional and an experienced Hebrew teacher. School days for level Alef will be Monday and Wednesday, […]

  • Nitivei Am

    Nitivei Am is a Mamlachti Dati elementary school in the Tet neighborhood of Beer Sheva. Area, Neighborhood Be’er Sheva (South – דרום) Grade Levels 1-6 Religious Type Mamlachti Dati/Torani ממ”ד / תורני Gender Coed Telephone Number 08-643-0771 Fax Number 08-610-3112 Address Sderot Yerushalayim 70 E-mail Website Name of Principal Orly Oshri Percentage of English […]

  • Ulpan Machon Lev

    Recognized by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration. The Ulpan will function as part of Machon Lev’s Overseas department. The Ulpan is aimed at Dati and Hareidi students (especially those who are interested in separate classes for men). The Ulpan will run in the mornings and the evenings and is open to men only. The […]

  • Machol

    Machol Machol is home to at-risk youths from the religious sector. Most of these teens were expelled from the religious school system (and often shunned from home and community), however they also failed to fit in to secular public schools because they still felt more affiliated with their religious identity. Lacking a supportive framework led to destructive behaviors, […]

  • Polis

    Polis, the Jerusalem Institute of Language and Humanities, offers Ulpan in levels Aleph and Bet.  Higher level classes will open if there is enough interest.The Ulpan is private, not-subsidized, and classes take place in the evening.  It is a wonderful alternative for students who are unable to attend the intensive morning Ulpan classes that are offered […]

  • Ulpan for the Hearing Impaired (Tel Aviv)

    Ulpan for the Hearing Impaired (Tel Aviv) The program is run by the Association of the Deaf in Israel in coordination with Misrad Hachinuch (Ministry of Education), the Jewish Agency and Misrad Haklita. The Ulpan incorporates both Hebrew language and Israeli sign language studies, as well as offering overall guidance for adjustment to life in […]

  • Ulpan for the Hearing Impaired (Jerusalem)

    This group only opens provided there are enough registrants. The Ulpan offers Hebrew and Arabic language and Israeli sign language studies. The Ulpan is run by The Association of the Deaf in Israel, in coordination with Agudat Hacharashim. Area, Neighborhood Jerusalem (Jerusalem & Surrounding Area – ירושלים והסביבה) Telephone number 02-623-4391 Fax number 02-625-8499 Address […]

  • Kiryat HaNoar Ulpan

    Recognized by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration. Local Central Ulpan for Olim from Chazor, Rosh Pina and Tzfat,etc. Mornings 8:00-13:00 5 days a week. Opens based on demand. Director: Dani Levi.

  • Medical Ulpan – Jerusalem

      Medical Ulpan – Jerusalem The course involves 300 hours of study over a period of 3 months; it takes place 5 days a week, for five hours in the morning. The Ulpan is for anyone in the medical field: doctors, nurses, dieticians, biologists, psychologists, pharmacists, vets, lab technicians, chemists, biologists and biotechnology professionals. You […]

  • Kol Hadassa

    The central goal of Kol Hadassa is to guide the girls towards achieving an accredited high school diploma via the Penn Foster program. The staff works with the students in both individual and group settings. Once the girls have earned their diploma, they prepare for the psychometric exam that will enable them to apply to Israeli higher education programs.

  • Ulpan Sapir

    Ulpan Sapir is located in the Mercaz Klitah Kiryat Yam/Haifa. The absorption center includes 120 residential units of various sizes and now has a capacity of 300 people.