Community & Housing

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    Kibbutz Lotan

    Kibbutz Lotan lies amidst the beauty of the Arava Valley in southern Israel, 40 minutes north of Eilat. Founded in 1983 by Reform youth movement graduates, Kibbutz Lotan is one of the youngest Kibbutzim in Israel. Its population is small, consisting of families, members, volunteers, students and tourists. At any given time, there are approximately 150 people that live at Kibbutz Lotan. Almost all share an interest in nature and enjoy dwelling in the beauty of their desert home. The vision of the Kibbutz is to create a community based on Reform Zionist values and environmental consciousness.

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    Omer is an upscale town just north of Beer Sheva. Omer is known for its high socio-economic ranking. It is one of three municipalities to score 10/10, along with Kochav Yair and Savyon.

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    Mitzpe Ramon

    Mitzpe Ramon was founded in 1951 as a camp for the workers building the road to Eilat. The town’s first permanent residents, immigrants from North Africa and Romania, settled there in the 1960s, and it became the southernmost of the Negev’s development towns.

  • kiryatgat

    Kiryat Gat

    Kiryat Gat’s natural surroundings are some of the most beautiful and fascinating in Israel and are a classic example of Ben-Gurion’s vision of settling the land of Israel. Kiryat Gat was founded in the 1950′s at the heart of the lush and historical Lachish region, surrounded by thousands of acres of national parks, to serve as a regional center for the agricultural villages adjoining it.

  • ketura

    Kibbutz Ketura

    Ketura is a desert kibbutz approximately 30 minutes north of Eilat in the Arava Rift Valley. It derives its name from a nearby hill, which is named after the second wife of Abraham (Genesis 25:1). Kibbutz Ketura is a community of 400 members, residents and children.



    Eilat is the most southern of Israel’s cities and is well known as a holiday resort and port on the Red Sea. Eilat is currently home to approximately 46,600 residences. Through various development plans the government wants to increase this number to 150,000 residences and declare Eilat a metropolitan area within the coming years.

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    Yishuv Adam was founded in 1982 by a group of secular Israelis who were looking to stay in a close vicinity to Jerusalem, yet have a higher quality of life. Out of the Yishuvim in the Binyamin area, it is the closest to Jerusalem. Being a 7 minute drive to the city and affordable housing has made it attractive to all segments of society.

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    Beit She’an

    The city of Beit–She’an is situated in the center of the valley of Beit–She’an, and is spread out over an area of 700 square kilometers of which 155 are a national park in the north of the city.

  • roglit

    Neve Michael – Roglit

    The Moshavim of Neve Michael and Roglit grew together over the years, forming one cohesive community. Originally founded in 1958, this enlarged Moshav is now in the process of absorbing 65 new families, with possible future expansions slated. While the original families were modern Orthodox and traditional Jews from North Africa, the community has diversified recently and now includes the spectrum on native Israelis and a growing English speaking, Torani and Chardal population.

  • Sussya


    Sussya is a small community located just south of Hebron, in the mountainous area that, historically, Abraham crossed as he traveled between Hebron and Beersheva. Located adjacent to the archeological site of 2nd century Sussya, modern Sussya is a community of approximately 130 ideologically driven, Dati Leumi families.

  • Rishon LeZion

    Rishon LeZion

    Rishon LeZion (lit. “First to Zion”), which is Israel’s fourth-largest city, is situated along the central Israeli coastal plain 12 kilometers south of Tel Aviv. It is part of the Gush Dan metropolitan area. Founded in 1882 by a group of Zionist pioneers from Ukraine, Moldova and Poland, Rishon was declared a city in 1950.

  • Ma'ale_Amos

    Maale Amos

    Maale Amos was founded 30 years ago. It is located in the beautiful Harei Yehuda. The lower part of Maale Amos has a fantastic view of the Dead Sea. Going up the hill of Maale Amos you can see the String bridge in Jerusalem. Also visible from Maale Amos is the Old fortress of King Herod (Herodian).

  • hatzor_haglilit

    Hatzor Haglilit

    Hatzor Haglilit is a young, warm and welcoming community ready to absorb new residents from all over the world. Located in the beautiful Upper Galilee, the town offers affordable housing and cost of living, excellent access to public transportation all over Israel, and a full range of services

  • Kiryat Yearim Telz Stone

    Telz-Stone Kiryat Yearim

    The official name of this community is Kiryat Yearim. It was founded in the late 1960’s by a group of students and teachers from Yeshivat Telz in America. Irving Stone financially joined this endeavor, thus its more common name of Telz-Stone. The Sorotzkin family was one of the leading founding families, and continues to be so to this day.

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    Caesarea is a beautiful seaside community located halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. There is a strong community spirit in the town, and many projects have been organized to strengthen the residents’ sense of belonging.