Setting Up Your Home in Israel

  • Buying Insurance for Your Home and Car

    Many companies in Israel that offer insurance coverage for your home, car, etc. Many of these companies also offer life insurance and supplementary health coverage options. Tips: Car insurance includes two elements: Chova (compulsory) – where you determine which drivers are permitted to drive the car, and Makif (comprehensive) for coverage of theft and accidents. […]

  • Ten Tips for Negotiating in Israel

    Guest Contributor: Nitsy Lavenda A man walks up to the theater box office in Israel and wants to buy some tickets. “How much is a ticket?” he asks. “Thirty-five shekels,” says the ticket agent. “How much for children?” asks the man. “Same price, thirty-five shekels,” says the agent. The man starts to get agitated, “The […]

  • Registering a Childcarer or Housekeeper

    An employee who works in housekeeping (caring for your child, cleaning your home or your stairway, etc.) must be registered as doing so with Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute). Such employees are entitled to health insurance and Bituach Leumi contributions paid by their employer, even if he/she is not an Israeli resident. If you are […]

  • Public Transportation – Online Resources

    Public transportation is, for many Israelis, the preferred way to get around, as it helps you avoid the hassles of traffic, parking, and the high cost of fuel. There are numerous options, including buses, private taxis, shared taxis, and the Israel train. Two metro-rail systems are currently under development, in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In […]

  • Opening a Bank Account in Israel

    Guest Contributor: Rifka Lebowitz  A few days after making Aliya you will be asked to schedule a meeting with Misrad Haklita to discuss your Sal Klita, the benefits new Olim receive. At this meeting, you will be asked to hand in documentation from an Israeli bank showing your account details, so they can start depositing […]

  • Phones, Internet and TV

    The following is an overview of how to set up phone, cell phone, Internet and television service in your new home in Israel. This article lists some of the larger providers currently in Israel. There are other companies that are available, however, this is beyond the scope of our article.  Domestic Telephone Service There are […]

  • Electricity, Gas and Water

    The following is an overview of how to set up basic utilities in your new home in Israel. For a translation of household bills, click here. For a translation of the Electric Company’s Hebrew-language answering machine, please see (under the Directory menu). Electricity When moving into a new apartment, it is advisable to switch […]

  • Tips for Setting Up a Home

    If you’re setting up your first home in Israel, here are a few helpful tips to guide you through the purchasing and furnishing process: Power supply. Be aware of the main differences between the power supply in North America vs. Israel. For more information, please see the Megavolt web site and Aliyah FAQ: click here Don’t […]