Kibbutz Yiron

Kibbutz Yiron, a member of the United Kibbutz Movement (“Takam”), was founded in May of 1949, after the War of Independence, as one of a row of settlements set up to strengthen the border with Lebanon. Yiron is located in the Upper Galilee, 690 meters high, close to Mt. Meron. It is an area is blessed with streams, water sources and nature reserves, and the view from any direction is breathtaking.

The geographical location of Yiron allows one to feel the four yearly seasons, not only in change of temperatures and weather, but also as nature changes her colors and smells. Summers are mild, and winter sometimes brings snowfall, to the delight of the Kibbutz children!

Kibbutz Yiron is a traditional Kibbutz, and is not privatized. The community places an emphasis on community life, mutual help and giving. The members eat all of their meals together in the dining hall, except for Shabbat evening when each family gathers together in its own home. There are, however, a large number of residents living on the Kibbutz who primarily share the Kibbutz lifestyle but who at the same time, maintain independent, private family lives – and function as independent economic units. All residents pay into the Kibbutz and avail themselves of Kibbutz services such as the dining room, community center, library, swimming pool and community programming. Laundry and electricity are billed to each individual family.

The Israeli government defines Yiron as a preferred zone, which means that certain discounts and other benefits apply, including a 13% income tax discount after residing one year in the area.

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Local Employment

The Kibbutz economy includes different types of agriculture including seasonal crops in the Hula Valley, fruit orchards, grape vineyards for wine, and an area packing house. There is a unique plant nursery which grows rare plants as well as plants and trees indigenous to Israel. The Kibbutz also raises chickens. Kibbutz industries also include hi-tech Pascal Technology and Yiron Furniture, which specializes in self-assembled furniture. Yiron is a partner in the Galilee Hills Winery, and they operate a visitor’s center and store adjacent to the winery.

Yiron also runs a tourist vacation center called Shalva B’Har (“Peace on the Mountaintop”), next to an Agam Hai (a natural lake), which is also open as a tourist attraction and offers vacation activities.

Accessibility to Employment

Yiron offers employment opportunities throughout the Kibbutz, in its various industries and branches. In addition, approximately 50% of the Kibbutz members work in their professions outside of the Kibbutz in neighboring cities or Yishuvim, including Tzefat, Kiryat Shmona and Maalot.

Education / Youth

Kibbutz Yiron places a great emphasis on children’s education. For preschool children, there is a baby nursery, a nursery school and a kindergarten, which are all run in true Kibbutz spirit, with large outdoor yards and an emphasis on imagination and creativity. Elementary school children study at the Psagot School, a democratic ecological school located on the outskirts of the Kibbutz. Psagot serves Yiron and an additional three Kibbutzim in the area (Malkia, Sassa and Bar-Am). High school children travel to nearby Kibbutz Sassa (10 minutes), and attend the Branko-Weiss Anna Frank High School. The regional council supplies school bus transportation to and from school. The school day is from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Yiron also has a wide range of after-school activities for children, including programs and activities during school vacations. The youth are also active in the HaNoar Halomed v’Haoved youth movement.


Yiron is a 30 minute drive to Kiryat Shmona, 30 minutes to Rosh Pina, and 30 minutes to Tzefat. Egged bus service does not reach the Kibbutz.

Olim Services

The Kibbutz provides a warm welcome to any Olim coming to Yiron, and in fact, Yiron is used to opening its doors and its arms to all newcomers.

The majority of the Kibbutz members are Israeli, but there are also as a number of recent and less-recent Olim from Scotland, England and the United States. The Kibbutz is also active in recruiting young residents, and Yiron currently hosts a Garin Tzabar (30 new Olim soldiers) as well as an Israeli Scouts Garin.

Amenities / Services

In the spirit of traditional Kibbutz life, Yiron has full dining room, laundry, childcare and healthcare services. There is a small store with basic groceries and other goods for Kibbutz residents and vacationing tourists. The Kibbutz also has a library, playgrounds, sports field, tennis court, exercise room, billiard room and swimming pool. Kibbutz residents can take advantage of a local cosmetician and hairdresser.

The Clalit health clinic is open daily and staffed by a nurse, with twice weekly doctor’s visits. Rivka Ziv hospital in Tzefat is nearby, in case of emergencies. There is also a special caretaker who is in charge of homecare for elderly members and physically disabled members.

Community and Religious Life

The community and cultural life on the Kibbutz is rich and varied. On weekends, there is an active social room, with a variety of meetings and activities. Hikes and outings for all the Kibbutz members and residents are held a few times a year. Holidays and memorial days are celebrated together as a community. Among the cultural offerings on the Kibbutz, one may take out a yearly subscription to the theater and attend the plays that are performed in the area.

Real Estate

Kibbutz Yiron has a communal neighborhood, “Nof Aviv” in the planning, but no building has yet begun. Options for Olim interested in Yiron include renting a home on the Kibbutz and living as residents. Young families who are interested can apply for Kibbutz membership, instead of residency. In addition to young families, Yiron is developing an option for retirees to move onto the Kibbutz, which would include a one-time absorption fee of $35,000 per family.

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