Givat Zeev

Givat Zeev was established in 1983 with an initial group of 100 founding families, and it has since grown to include over 11,000 residents. The community is expected to expand to a size of 20,000 residents by the end of this decade.  There are currently over 100 English-speaking families living in the Givat Zeev Hachadasha area.

Givat Zeev is a close-knit Yishuv that prides itself on the particularly strong emphasis it places on, and the care it gives to, the community’s children.

While the majority of the Yishuv residents tend to be well-established families, it also includes a number of  Hebrew University students who live in rented apartments. Hebrew University is 25 minutes away.

A range of community services are locally available, and for any additional services, Givat Zeev has the advantage of being a 15 minute drive to both Jerusalem and Modiin.

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  • Givat Zeev at a Glance:

    Region: Jerusalem & Surrounding Area
    City Type: Yishuv
    Population: 11000
    Affordability: $$$
    English Speakers: 4%
    Demographics: Singles, Young Couples & Families, Families, Retirees
    Religious Sectors: Chardal, Dati Leumi, Haredi, Reform, Secular

  • Givat Zeev
    Community Contacts:

    Yigal and Mona Berdugo
    Married, Modern Orthodox, school aged children
    Contact for the older section of the Yishuv

    Chanan Fruchter
    Married, Orthodox, elementary school children
    Contact for the newer section of the Yishuv

    Beth Berman
    Orthodox, married, older children



Local Employment

Most residents work in Jerusalem, Modiin or Tel Aviv.

Education / Youth

Givat Zeev has several Ganim (kindergartens), including a Gan for special education needs.

There are two Mamlachti (public secular) schools and one Mamad (public religious) school. One of the public secular schools offers a Tali track offering a more traditionally-oriented education. There is also a Beis Yaakov and Cheder for the elementary school level.

There is only one middle school, which is secular, but has a very strong ethos of Jewish tradition. Jewish holidays are observed in a traditional manner and the principal sees this as part of the education of her students. This school goes through ninth grade, and then students generally continue their studies in Jerusalem schools.

The Tzofim and Bnei Akiva youth groups are both active in Givat Zeev.



There is no internal bus system for the yishuv. Bus service to Jerusalem is frequent, however, most residents have cars. The community is a 40-minute drive to Tel Aviv, a 15-minute drive to Jerusalem and a 15-minute drive to Modiin. Many people who work in Tel Aviv drive first to Modiin, and then take the train to Tel Aviv.


Olim Services

The Yishuv offers daily hours for Misrad Hapnim. For other services, residents travel to Jerusalem

Amenities / Services

All basic food and household needs can be found in Givat Zeev. There are two shopping areas, one in Neve Menachem and the other on the main street, Rechov HaMaccabeem.

The community has a well-stocked public library and a large, active cultural arts center.

The community has public sports facilities, including a swimming pool.

There is a local Magen David Adom station and an ambulance corp.

An ATM machine is available on the Yishuv, though most people go to Ramot to do their banking.

A science center in Givat Zeev is used by the local schools for eductaional programs, and is opened in the afternoon hours for community-wide children’s activities.

There is an active center for retirees.


Community and Religious Life

There is a Garin Torani (a group of Torah observant families) in Givat Zeev, which currently numbers 20 young families (and is expanding).

There are currently 17 Batei Knesset (synagogues) on the Yishuv, all Orthodox, with the 3 Ashkenazi synagogues tending to attract more of the English speakers.

For the High Holidays, Reform services are organized.

30% of the Yishuv population describes itself as observant, while the other 70% are traditional or secular. In Givat Zeev HaChadasha (which will include Ramat Givat Zeev) 100% of the population is Orthodox and mostly charedi.

Ramat Givat Zeev is a new neighborhood being developed that will cater to the English speaking Yeshiva crowd. Building has begun with occupancy aimed for 2016. Ramat Givat Zeev is part of Givat Zeev HaChadash which is the Yeshivaish section of the Yishuv. There is a 20% English speaking population in this area that will go up percentage wise when Ramat Givat Zeev is completed.

Rabbi Brazil’s yeshiva, Ziv HaTorah, has begun building in Ramat Givat Zev.

There is a section of the community which is exclusively for the Karlin Stalin Chassidic community, but other than housing and schooling, they are very much an integral part of the general Yishuv.

There is an active group of retirees who congregate at a local senior citizen center.

Real Estate

4 room apartment: 3,700-4,000 NIS/month
5 room apartment: 4,000-4,500 NIS/month
6 room apartment: 4,500-5,000 NIS/month
Semi-detached house: 5,000-5,200 NIS/month

4 room apartment: 1.45-1.5 million NIS
5 room apartment: 1.8-1.9 million NIS
6 room apartment: 2-2.3 million NIS
Private house: Starting at 2 million NIS


Givat Zeev is a fully integrated community. Families of different ages and backgrounds, including both Olim and native Israelis, as well as individuals of differing religious lifestyles, all live together as one community

As the community expands, more homogeneous neighborhoods are developing. There is a centralized area for the local community of Karlin Stalin Chassidim, and a recently completed Mishab project for young Modern Orthodox couples. A developing area, Agan HaAyalot (also known as Givat Zeev HaChadasha), caters to the more charedi population. This area is distinct geographically from Givat Zeev proper.

The neighborhoods in Givat Zeev are: Givat Zeev proper, Neve Menachem, Givon, and Agan HaAyalot (Givat Zeev HaChadasha).

Profile Updated: June 2015