Armon HaNatziv

Armon HaNatziv, previously the headquarters of the British high commissioner in 1933, is one of 5 neighborhoods that was built after the Six-Day War to envelop Jerusalem. Located in southeastern Jerusalem, Armon HaNatziv is within walking distance of the Arnona and Baka neighborhoods.

Recently, the neighborhood has been attracting young couples and families, English speakers and native Israelis, who are looking for a warm community and more affordable Jerusalem housing. The general population is composed of varying socio-economic and ethnic groups.

Accessibility to Employment

It is 10 minutes away from the Begin Highway which connects with the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway.

Education / Youth

There are several preschools and day care programs in the neighborhood. A new Mamlachti-Dati (Religious Zionist) school opened this year (2011-2012) with a class of first graders. It will add a grade each year until it is a full elementary school. Children can commute to schools in other Jerusalem neighborhoods as well.


The numbers 78 and 12 bus lines run through Armon HaNatziv. They connect the neighborhood to the central bus station, Malha, the Talpiot industrial zone, Hadassah Hospital, and to additional bus routes. Many of the locals do not own cars and are able to easily get around by bus or occasional taxi.

Olim Services

Ulpan Etzion is located in Armon HaNatziv. Olim can also commute to other Ulpanim in the city. The local community center provides support services to Olim.

Amenities / Services

There are two small shopping centers in Armon HaNatziv which include: two supermarkets, a post office, a bank, a pharmacy, a pizza and ice cream shop, a hair salon and a dry cleaner. There are both Meuhedet and Clalit health clinics, a Terem emergency center, and a well-baby clinic (Tipat Halav) in the neighborhood. Many of the service providers in the neighborhood speak English. Armon HaNatziv is a short bus ride away from Talpiot and the city center and  and there is a library in the local community center.

Community and Religious Life

There are around 14 shuls in Armon HaNatziv. The Dati-Leumi Anglos are primarily members of: Young Israel on Avshalom Haviv St.; El Ram Venisa, also known as The Gym Minyan; and Mizmor LeDavid, a Carlebach minyan.

Moreshet Avraham, an active congregation, is one of the largest Conservative synagogues in Jerusalem. A very popular preschool for 2-4 year olds is located on its premises.

Real Estate

The new Dati-Leumi community is mainly clustered on the following streets: Issak Remba, Adam, Elkachi, Drezner, Anusei Meshad, Eliyahu Hakim and David Raziel. There is also a growing community on Dov Gruner, Olei Hagardom and Avshalom Haviv.

Prices range from 800,000 NIS to 3 million NIS for the most expensive properties. A nice 3- bedroom apartment starts at 1,250,000 NIS. A fully renovated 5 bedroom duplex can cost up to 2,500,000 NIS.

Profile Updated: March 2016