Ariel, also known as the capitol of the Shomron region, is a well planned community established over thirty years ago by Ron Nachman.

The neighborhoods are attractively laid out and offer a range of housing options as well as community services such as Matnasim (community centers), shopping centers and healthcare facilities. The city residents also benefit from a local sports and recreation center, theater and performing arts center.

The Anglo community in the city is a close knit one and is warm and welcoming to new Olim who make Aliyah to Ariel and join the community and city.

The distinctive thing about this community is its integration within the local Israeli community. Both communities make a point of getting the new locals (Olim) involved and part of the community.

The city is also home to the Ariel University, with more than 15,000 students, many of them living in Ariel studying for B.A, M.A and Phd.

Ariel’s close proximity to the Tel Aviv Region makes it an attractive option for those seeking to work in Israel’s commercial center while enjoying the advantages of a small town feeling and warm community.


Centers of employment in the Tel Aviv and Sharon areas are highly accessible to Ariel’s residents. Additionally, the University offers many opportunities for employment as well as the nearby industrial park.

Education / Youth

Ariel has twenty-nine kindergartens (six of which are religious) and seven schools, including Or Zevulun- the Mamad (public religious school), and several public secular schools. The parent committee of Or Zevulun is very receptive to helping new Olim and encourages parental involvement.

Ariel also has a university which educates over ten thousand students a year on its one hundred and fifty Acer (six hundred Dunham) campus. The student body is diverse and active, and many students live on campus or in student housing on the “college side” of town. There is a vibrant and young Yeshivat Hesder in Ariel which encourages community participation, and there are religious high schools in nearby Revava, Ofra, Kedumim and Karnei Shomron.


Ariel is easily accessible by car as well as by public transportation: Located 40 km east of Tel Aviv, Ariel is approximately a 40 minute drive from the city via Highway #5. Additionally, public transportation is provided every 15 minutes from Ariel to Tel Aviv. Ariel is a 15 minute drive from Highway #6 which spans most of the country. There are frequent buses to Rosh Ha’ayin Train station with service to many parts of the country. The bus ride to Jerusalem takes around 1.5 hours. Petach Tikvah, which has a large hi-tech center, is a 30 minute drive.

Olim Services

In the 1990’s, Ariel absorbed nearly eight thousand Olim from the Former Soviet Union. Today, city officials are eager to assist English speaking Olim in making their home in Ariel. Currently, there are approximately 50 English-speaking families spread throughout the city. In addition, the city runs an Ulpan for level Aleph, 2-3 times a week and offers a professional Ulpan. The Ulpanim run in the community center.

Amenities / Services

All basic household shopping can be done in Ariel. A mall is under construction, but there are already plenty of shopping centers within a ten minute drive, including: appliance, furniture, computer stores, two large supermarkets, eateries, flower and gift shops, bakeries, barbers and pet shops. The Ariel industrial park is home to 140 companies and factories, including: Carmel Carpets, Lipski, Shamir Foods and Abir Textiles. A bus from Ariel to the industrial area runs frequently.

All major government offices are located within Ariel. One of the central community buildings houses a cultural center, a library with Hebrew and English books, a performing arts theater, a swimming pool, an internet cafe and a pedagogic center. Also noteworthy are the radio and television stations that are run by both the community’s youth and a professional staff. A sprawling sports/recreation center includes a country club with an indoor pool, spa, gym, and tennis court. Ariel also prides itself on its many parks, including one that is three kilometers long and surrounds the city. There is a senior adult recreation center as well as 105 assisted living apartments.

Community and Religious Life

The city has a growing religious population-made up of local Dati Leumi families, many Olim families who chose to make Aliyah to Ariel, and the Nezarim community that moved to Ariel in 2005 after being deported from Gush Katif.

The Anglo community is a comfortable, accepting community which is very helpful and supportive to new Olim. Most of the Oleh children study in the public religious kindergartens and school. There are approximately 15 Batei Knesset (synagogues) throughout the city and Shiurim in Hebrew and English are given on a weekly basis. The English speakers congregate mainly in the Ohel Efraim and Shvut Ariel shuls. The Gush Katif community of Netzarim that relocated to Ariel has breathed Torani life into the city through their Hesder Yeshiva and expanding neighborhood. The local Bnei Akiva branch has blossomed as well due to the growing community.

Real Estate

2 bedrooms-500-800,000 NIS
3 bedrooms-semi detached- 850k-1,300,000 NIS
4 bedroom fully detached-900,000-1,7,000,000 NIS

2 bedrooms- 2,400-2,900 NIS/mo
3 bedrooms-2,500-4,500 NIs/mo

Profile Updated: December 2015