Moshav Aderet is situated at the top of a mountain deeply embedded in a JNF Forest, close to Bet Shemesh. From most locations on the Moshav, there is an unobstructed, beautiful view of the entire Emek HaElah (Elah Valley). Looking south, you can see the Judean Hills; looking west, you can see the JNF ‘British Park’; looking north, you can see Beit Shemesh; and looking east, you can see Gush Etzion. Aderet is a rural community setting that can provide a wonderful living option for a religious-Zionist family.

Moshav Aderet was founded by North African immigrants in the early 1960′s. Thirteen years ago, Phase one of the Moshav expansion was completed, and has since blossomed into a diverse and tolerant religious community of approximately 45 young Israeli and English-speaking religious families.

  • Aderet at a Glance:

    Region: Beit Shemesh & RBS Area
    City Type: Moshav - Kibbutz
    Population: 700
    Affordability: $$$
    English Speakers: 15%
    Demographics: Young Couples & Families, Families, Retirees
    Religious Sectors: Dati Leumi
  • Aderet Community Contacts:

    Ilan & Bethia Rubinstein
    Married, Orthodox, school aged children


Local Employment

Most residents work either in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem- both are easily accessible by the train or bus fromBeit Shemesh.


There are two Ganim located on the Moshav, one for ages 3-4, and one for 4-5. While there in no formal early childhood daycare program on the Moshav, there are a few private individuals who offer such services.

Elementary school children up to sixth grade attend Mamad HaElah school in Nechusha, about 15 minutes away (trasnporation is free). This new school offers an intimate environment to the students with no more than 25 children per class. Older children can choose between schools in Gush Etzion and Beit Shemesh.

The Moshav has an active Bnei Akiva chapter, and a wide variety of afternoon activities in the Moadon (club house).


It is important to emphasize that a car is essential for living here. Five buses a day bring residents back and forth to Beit Shemesh, but getting anywhere else is difficult. There is one bus a day to Jerusalem, which leaves early in the morning. By car, it is possible to arrive in Jerusalem in 30 minutes and Tel Aviv in 45. Kiryat Gat is about 15 minutes away, and the drive to Be’er Sheva takes about an hour. Several residents commute daily to Tel Aviv by way of the Beit Shemesh Train Station.

Olim Services

Aderet is actively interested in attracting new residents, particularly Olim with large families from North America. While it does not have a formal absorption program, because of its size, a family would be embraced by the entire neighborhood.

Ulpan programs are located nearby in Ramat Beit Shemesh. Most government offices that Olim would need to visit are also located in Beit Shemesh.


Within Aderet there is a Makolet, parks, basketball court, Mikvah, walking and bike trails and a library.

Kupat Cholim (Medical facilities): the yishuv is only a few minutes away from ALL the kupot and pharmacies in Beit Shemesh . There is also an emergency Terem in Big Center – a 12 minute drive There are also 3 doctors who live in the community.

Restaurants, supermarkets, and other commercial establishments are available in nearby Beit Shemesh.

Community and Religious Life

The Moshav has one Ashkenazi Minyan. The older Moshav has two active Sephardic synagogues.

There are Torah classes for adults and children. On Shabbat afternoons, residents take turns leading Parsha groups for adults and children.

There is an army preparation program located on the Moshav, which enriches the communal life for both children and adults.

Real Estate

Sales: Houses are 2 million NIS and up.
Apartment rentals from 2,500 NIS per month ; Houses from 4700 NIS.
There are a limited amount of plots of land currently available to build your own home- the plots with ground preparation start at 900,000 NIS.


Nofei Aderet (original Aderet), and two newer neighborhoods.

Profile Updated: March 2015