Buying & Renting a Home

  • Buying an Apartment on Paper: Protect Your Money

    Purchasing new construction in Israel is a complex transaction, both legally and financially. Often, when entering into the new construction agreement, completion is two to three years away and you are buying a home, off blueprints and technical specifications. The Israeli law of sale is designed to keep your money safe, if the contractor goes bankrupt or doesn’t complete the project.

  • Living on a Kibbutz

    The information below will help you research the options for living on a Kibbutz. You will also need to ask each Kibbutz about the schools in the area, to see if it answers your needs and if the schools are able to absorb your children as far as services go. Start with the Dept. for […]

  • Garin Communities

    The term Garin, meaning “a seed,” is used to refer to a group of individuals and/or families who are trying to effect social change — and in some cases, religious change — in underdeveloped or troubled neighborhoods. Their goal is to strengthen and enrich these communities. The members of the Garin make their home in […]

  • Getting a Mortgage In Israel vs. the US

    Guest Contributor: Moshe Wilshinsky What to Expect While home financing in Israel carries some similarities with the US, there are a number of important differences you should be aware of when getting a mortgage in Israel. Here are five tips from a Mortgage industry veteran with a quarter century of experience who has worked both […]

  • Glossary of Israeli Real Estate Terms

    Adrichal – architect Ambatia – bathroom, which may or may not include a toilet Areivut Banka’it – bank guarantee. In new construction, the developer must protect the purchaser’s payments by providing a bank guarantee. The buyer pays a percentage to the bank for such a guarantee. Arnona – property tax payable to the Municipality either annually or monthly, according […]

  • When Do I Really Own My Home

    Guest Contributor: Elana H. Billig, Adv. People who have gone through a real estate transaction are generally overjoyed to finally get their keys and settle into their new home. Freely hanging pictures anywhere and everywhere in one’s own home without a landlord’s input has been described as blissful. However, simply because you have the keys […]

  • A Guide to Different Types of Mortgages in Israel

    When purchasing property in Israel, many buyers need to take out a mortgage from an Israeli lending institution. There is a wide range of mortgage options offered by the various lending institutions, and it is important to understand the options in order to select the loan that best fits your financial profile. The following is […]

  • “Hidden Costs” Involved in Home Purchases

    The following article appeared in Haaretz online on July 13, 2009. For the full article, please see: The Real Cost of Buying a Home in Israel By Raz Smolsky Couples who decide to buy a new home from a contractor assume the price listed at the sales office is what they will pay, but have […]

  • Rental Agreements

    Guest Contributor: Ellen Porat, Advocate and Notary Despite popular belief, and although many leases are similar, there is no such thing as a standard off-the-shelf rental agreement. Even though real-estate agents may supply you with such an off the shelf form, I would advise against using it. Each rental agreement should set forth the terms […]

  • Legal Aspects of Buying Property

    Guest Contributor: Ellen Porat, Advocate and Notary Buying property in Israel may be a wise investment. However one should be aware of the local laws, regulations and tax liabilities when taking steps towards a purchase, in order to bypass the potential pitfalls. Did You Know? Unlike other countries, in Israel it is legal for a […]

  • A 10 Step Guide to Purchasing an Apartment in Israel

    Guest Contributor: Eden Investments If you are buying your first apartment in Israel, you may find that the process is slightly different than what you would expect in your home town. This guide provides general information about the process of buying an Israeli apartment and explains your options and legal rights at each step of […]

  • Online Resources for Housing

    Finding housing in Israel can be a daunting task. Fortunately, the Internet offers a wide variety of resources for those seeking temporary and long term rentals, homes for sale, as well as second hand furnishings. Here is a listing of some of the more popular sites. English Sites The following is a list of English […]

  • Ownership Structure of Homes in Israel

    Guest Contributor: Elana H. Billig, Adv. As an attorney handling purchases of Israeli real estate by many foreign residents as well as Olim, amongst other areas of law, I am often asked, “So, when I turn 120, does the ownership of our Israeli home automatically go to my spouse”? While the answer to the above […]