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Mazkeret Batya

Mazkeret Batya, founded by a group of religious farmers in 1883, is absolutely charming. Quiet and slightly isolated, yet very close to large shopping areas and within commute distances from the main employment areas.

Mazkeret Batya has always been a community with a continuous and thriving religious life. There are families in Mazkeret Batya today that are third or fourth generation descendents of the original founders. Many of the original buildings remain and newer construction tries to preserve it's character. It is a town with a very mixed Dati (religious)/Chiloni (non-religious) population that lives together in mutual respect and harmony.

The town is expecting to grow to maximum 18,000 residents by 2020.

Mazkeret Batya Stats

Region: Modiin & Center - מודיעין ומרכז Climate: Coastal plains
Demographics: Young couples/Young families, Families, Retirees Medical care:
Maccabi, Meuchedet, Clalit
City Type: Small town  Affordability: $$$$
Conservative, Dati Leumi, Reform, Secular
Number of English speakers: 10% Population: 12,000

Community contacts:
Michael Ripstein
Married, Dati Leumi, lower school to 8th grade children

Avi Jacob
Married, Dati Leumi, with children ages 4 to 16.

Ariel Sella
Married, Dati Leumi, school-aged children
Ariel is a member of KESHET/GESHER a joint community of religious and nonreligious families

Local Employment
There is no real employment within Mazkeret Batya. Many of the residents work in nearby Rechovot, greater Tel Aviv area or Jerusalem.

Education / Youth
Mazkeret Batya has several Ganim (preschools) and elementary schools. There is an elementary school that serves the Dati Leumi (national religious) population and an elementary school that serves the Chiloni population. There is also a Gesher school, a unique program for both Dati and Chiloni children. The local Ganim and schools are well-regarded by residents.

There is an excellent Chiloni high school. There are no local Orthodox high schools, although the Keshet community is starting a 7th grade program from Sept. 2013, with the intent to develop up to 12 grade. There are many religious high school options in the greater area, for example the Amit Amichai Yeshiva for boys in Rehovot, the Pelech high school for girls in Ekron (both non-dormitory) and the dormitory based Harav Baharn Ulpana in Gedera. Farther out there is Yad-Binyamin and Shaalvim.

There is a very active Bnei-Akiva group that brings together all the Dati communities in Mazkeret Batya.

Mazkeret Batya is located just 5 kilometers southeast of Rehovot, which has a burgeoning hi-tech area; 25 kilometers from Tel Aviv and 30 kilometers from Jerusalem, so a daily commute to any of these cities is feasible and common. There is a regular public transportation service to Rehovot but much more limited service to other destinations. A family planning to live in Mazkeret Batya would certainly need at least one car.

Olim Services
Mazkeret Batya is a very welcoming community, reaching out to Olim as well as any other community members who are in need.

Amenities / Services
The community has grocery stores and a number of other stores. Everything else is available in Rehovot, or the nearby "Bilu Center" very large strip mall. There is a community center located in the Moshava which offers some athletic programs and various classes (Chugim) in the arts for children and adults.

The community center also offers a rich array of cultural programs including a local theater that brings in troupes from the major companies such as Habima and Camery (not always easy to get tickets). Mazkeret Batya has a swimming pool which is used by the town's residents.

Mazkeret Batya is also known for its artists whom have studios in the picturesque Rothschild street - the original street of Mazkeret Batya.

Community and Religious Life
Several sub-communities live together in harmony in Mazkeret Batya. Each group is active in its own way. There are 6 distinct synagogues serving the various religious groups.

The relatively recent (6-9 years) influx of Dati families has been the impetus for the founding and building of a new Yahad Shivtei Yisrael (Yisha"i) synagogue, as well as for the continuing expansion and improvement of the Burg Mamad elementary school. For information on local Shiurim (Torah study classes, see:

The Gesher community is a joint community of about 150 Dati and Chiloni families, which formed an independent school that is fully recognized by Misrad Hachinuch (Ministry of Education). For further information, see:

Real Estate
Semi-attached house: 4,000 NIS/month
Rentals are not always available.

5-room garden apartment: 1,500,000 NIS
Semi-attached house: 1,900,000 NIS
In the lower priced area of the community, apartments can be purchased in the 800,000 NIS range.

Many of the young Dati Leumi families live in the Meyasdim neighborhood, where the Yisha"i synagogue was built, though an equal number live scattered elsewhere in the Moshava such as the original neighborhoods, Ganei Hamoshava etc.

Currently, there is a entirely new neighborhood being built in the south part of Mazkeret Batya, called the Bar-Lev neighborhood, which has recently started to be populated.

Updated: Feb, 2013