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Kochav HaShachar

Kochav HaShachar, situated within half-an-hour drive of Jerusalem, overlooks the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, and the Shomron and Jordan mountain ranges.

Kochav HaShachar is a moderate-sized, yet intimate, Dati Leumi (national religious), Torani (Torah-oriented) Yishuv. Life is suburban with beautiful surroundings and a distinct simplicity of life. Residents of the Yishuv feel sufficiently removed from the bustle of city life, yet close enough to be able to take a quick drive into town to run an errand or grab coffee with a friend -- and still be back by 1:30 for Gan (preschool) pick-up.

Kochav HaShachar Stats
Region: Maale Adumim & Shomron - מ. אדומים Climate: Valley/Low mountain
Demographics: Young couples/Young families, Families, Retirees Medical care:
City Type: Yishuv ישוב Affordability: $$
Number of families: 350  
Chardal, Dati Leumi
Number of English speakers: 10% Population: 2700
Community contacts:
Devorah Harow
Married, Orthodox, school aged children
Local Employment
Many people work on the Yishuv in education, in the preschools, elementary school and high school. There are many women who run day care programs for toddlers and infants.
Amongst Yishuv residents, one can find carpenters, plumbers, electricians and gardeners as well as hi-tech professionals, accountants, and businessmen. There are also a variety of therapists, medical professionals and social workers.

Education / Youth
There are 6 local preschool programs including a Gan Safah (for children who need assistance in language development) and a Mamlachti Dati (government run, religious) elementary school called Ahavat Yitzchak. There is a local boy's Yeshiva high school called Ahavat Haim.

There are buses every 2-3 hours to Jerusalem (a one hour bus ride). Most people have cars, but often carpool with one another to and from work.

Amenities / Services
There is a local food market, post office, stationary store, computer support store, Tefillin store, library, events halls, medical clinic and dental clinic. The medical clinic provides a range of services including specialists such as pediatricians, an ObGyn and an orthopedist, as well as a pharmacy and Tipat Chalav.

Community and Religious Life
Torah classes are offered throughout the week and on Shabbat, and there is a weekly morning learning program for women. There is a Kollel/Yeshiva Gavoha (full time, Yeshiva learning program for men) on the Yishuv.

Real Estate
Currently, there are some newly built semi-attached houses that are selling for about 650,000 NIS. There are second-hand houses available for rental or purchase, as well. Caravans, depending on availability, are rented for 900 NIS per month.


Updated: Feb, 2013