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Migdal HaEmek

Migdal HaEmek, best translated as “The Tower of the Valley” is so called because of its geographical location. The city stands as a tower, overlooking Emek Yizrael (the Jezreal Valley), the Carmel mountains, and the Lower Galilee. Although situated only 280 meters in altitude, the views that can be seen surrounding the city are breathtaking.

Migdal Haemek was founded in 1953 and over time it grew and became the mid-size city it is today with all the amenities of city life. Almost half of Migdal Haemek 's population is foreign born, with about 30% being new immigrants. Residents, both foreign-born and native Israelis, originate from many countries. Migdal Haemek lies in beautiful northern Israel, between the Nazareth mountain ridge and the Jezreel Valley foothills. The city has a population of 28,000. A rail link, as well as a new road network connecting to Highway 6, are planned in order to make Migdal Haemek more accessible to other major cities such as Haifa, Netanya, Tel Aviv and more.

In recent years Migdal Haemek has developed into a thriving, attractive city with an impressive educational system, as well as an outstanding hi-tech center. Migdal Haemek is known as the "Silicon Valley of the North" due to the many industrial zones it has developed, resulting in a low rate of unemployment. The Migdal Haemek Municipality was chosen three times in the past six years by the Education Ministry as the most excellent educational system in the northern region. The city offers many different educational institutions for the religious and secular population.

The city boasts a community center where cultural and educational events take place, including dance, music, sport, drama, concerts and preschool programs. The center conducts youth and neighborhood clubs as well as activities for senior citizens.

The city is growing at a high pace and invites you to be part of its success!

Migdal HaEmek Stats
Region: North - צפון Climate: Valley/Low mountain
Demographics: Young couples/Young families, Families, Retirees Medical care:
Maccabi, Clalit, Leumit
City Type: Small city/Large town עיר קטנה/עירה Affordability: $$
Chabad, Chardal, Conservative, Dati Leumi, Secular
Number of English speakers: 2% Population: 28000

Community contacts:
Sharona Stanhill
04-953-6297 or 054-565-5423
Regional Klitah Coordinator, Go North

Yoni Braun
Resident of Migdal HaEmek, member of the Garin Torani
Works in the City Engineering Department

Judy Kemp
Longtime resident of Migdal HaEmek
Secular, has grouwn children

Listservs: Go North NBN Yahoo Group
Go North Afula & Emek Yizrael & Beit Shean Valley
Local Employment
Migdal Haemek is known as the ”Silicon Valley of Israel". Many hi-tech Israeli and global hi-tech companies are located in the area in three industrial parks. The companies located there include: Tower Semiconductors (foundry), RSL (Control and Diagnostic solutions for defense and commercial applications), KLA Tencor (inspection tools), CI Systems (electro-optical test systems, non contact temperature sensors and wet chemistry analyzers), Nilit (Nylon for textile industry), Vishay (discrete and passive semiconductors components) and many others including New biotech, medical research and clean technology companies. The northern industrial park is characterized by environmentally friendly hi-tech companies.

Accessibility to Employment
In addition to being a large employment center, Migdal HaEmek is also only 10 minute drive to Nazeret Illit, a 15 minute drive to Afula, and a 25 minute drive to Yokneam Illit, allowing for an easy commute to several employment centers. The commute to Haifa is 45 minutes, while the drive to Tel Aviv is 1 hour 10 minutes. It takes 25 minutes to get onto Route 6 and In 2016 the train will have a station 5 minutes away with a short 20 minute train ride to Haifa.

Education / Youth

The city has a large choice of pre-school facilities and more than 40 kindergartens of all types. There are 4 mamlachti (secular) grade schools, 1 mamlachti-dati (religious) grade school, one special education school, and also independent hareidi schools. 8 junior high and high-schools of which 2 are national-religious. The city boasts a matriculation rate of above 70% (above the national average).
There are also a number of Yeshivot in Migdal Haemek, including a Habad yeshiva. In Migdal Haemek there is also a large Habad grade school for boys (grades one through eight) with boys coming from all over the area. There is a smaller Habad girl’s school.
There are a number of special projects that have been developed in the local schools, such as the Center for Excellency in the city’s high school. Another project in one of the junior high schools encourages and facilitates the use of laptop computers and the latest computer technology by each student.

There is frequent bus service to Tel Aviv, and one daily bus to Jerusalem. There are also two inner-city bus lines, run by Kavim.

Olim Services
Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Immigrant Absorption) has a branch in Migdal Haemek, which is open four days a week. There is also an Ulpan offered to new Olim in the city center. Special Benefits for new olim Provided by the Migdal Haemek Municipality during your first year of Aliyah, include:
  • 90% discount on municipal taxes
  • Free extra-curricular activities for children
  • Extra help in Hebrew
  • A fully-supplied schoolbag for every child as a gift
  • Full funding for meals given in preschool and elementary school
  • Free school text books and excursions
  • Free tickets for performances and cultural evenings
  • Free subscription to the municipal library
  • Exemption from school tuition for schoolchildren in the city's institutions from 1st to 12th grade during the first year of Aliyah.
In addition to this:
  • Temporary housing for the new arrivals (when necessary) for first three years until your home is built in the new neighborhood
  • A special absorption coordinator who will work with the Olim – providing full support in all matters regarding Klita (absorption), Support and guidance for Olim in all dealings with public institutions such as banks, HMO, Ministry of Interior, and so forth
  • Help in finding a place of residence
  • Help in finding employment, including evaluation of curriculum vitae
  • ULPANIM (concentrated Hebrew language courses) offered at beginner, advanced and professional levels
  • Assisting Olim with registration in kindergartens and schools, Funding for one extra-curricular activity per child during the first year of Aliyah to Migdal Haemek
  • Counseling for college students including registration and search for scholarships

Amenities / Services

The city has an award-winning dance troupe, a variety of dance classes for youth and adults, a music program, a performing choral group, sports fields and a sports center. There is a cultural center which hosts programs from around the country, a municipal library and a special center with activities for the elderly.

On the northern outskirts of the city, lies a large 35 dunam outdoor park; on the southern edge lies the Balfour Forest, consisting of 4,300 dunams of forest, including walking paths and a 15 kilometer circular bike path. In the center of the city there is an antiquities park, including 15 ancient wine presses, and findings from the Roman and Byzantine period.

Health services include clinics from Kupat Cholim Clalit, Leumit and Maccabi. The Afula HaEmek Hospital is located a 15 minute drive from the city.

Community and Religious Life
Thirty percent of the population in Migdal Haemek is religious, with a large Chareidi population and a Chabad community. The city’s Chief Rabbi, 2004 Israel Prize winner Rabbi Yitzhak David Grossman, won the prize for his social service work and outreach programs specifically geared toward Migdal Haemek's youth.

Rabbi Grossman has also established the non-for-profit organization, Migdal Or, which helps bring people with special needs to higher functioning levels and employment levels; Migdal Or’s main branch is based in Migdal Haemek.

There is an active group of Young Modern Orthodox families, headed by Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu. This group started up 3 years ago and is attracting many young couples and families who are relocating to Migdal Haemek with an aim to live in affordable homes while becoming involved in many educational, social and cultural activities connecting all the residents in the city.

A new neighborhood currently in stages of marketing, will include a Dati Leumi (Religious Zionist) Community, with emphasis on integration of Olim of English-speaking backgrounds, with returning Israelis from English-speaking countries and Israeli citizens. There will be schools and kindergartens, youth movement branches, a Beit Midrash , other religious services and cultural activities

Culture and Sports

Migdal Haemek has many cultural and sports events, including:
  • Theatre, music concerts, shows
  • Lectures, tours, workshops and activities
  • An award-winning dance group and choir in Migdal Haemek
  • Music, dance, arts and sports programs
  • Sports fields and a sports center including a superb gymnastics hall; various sports activities & sports leagues Daycare and after-school programs for preschoolers with plenty of activities for children from birth – 6 yrs and a Child Development Center
  • 6 youth clubs and youth movements
  • A Cultural Center which hosts performances from around the country
  • A public library
  • An Day Center for the elderly
Migdal Haemek is also an easy drive to the nearby Kibbutzim and to Afula, where additional concerts, and performances are held:

Real Estate
As befits its location on green hills, the city protects its green spaces that amount to one third of its area, including lawns, natural woodlands and three big parks with sports and fitness facilities. The city encourages "green building", operates a recycling program and has recently placed photovoltaic arrays on municipal roofs to efficiently utilize renewable energy. A new neighborhood is planned so that green parks will occupy fully thirty percent of its total area! Ten percent of its total area will be dedicated to public buildings such as schools, kindergartens, sports courts, synagogues and a commercial center.
Estimated Real Estate Rates
The average cost of a new private-house (2,500sqf) is estimated at 1.3 million NIS
2 bedroom apartment – 650,000-720,000 NIS
3 bedroom apartment - 780,000-800,000 NIS
2 bedroom garden apartment – 750,000 – 800,000 NIS
3 bedroom garden apartment = 900,000-950,000 NIS
3 bedroom Penthouse – 1-1.6 million NIS
4 bedroom Penthouse – 1.14- 1.24 million NIS


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