There are few Yishuvim that are as centrally located as Hashmonaim, a 25 year-old Yishuv that is a popular destination for religious, English-speaking Olim. The community is warm, close-knit, and offers a multi-cultural experience in a small-town atmosphere.

Hashmonaim Stats
Region: Modiin & Center Climate: Valley/Low mountain
Demographics: Families Medical care:
City Type: Yishuv ישוב Affordability: $$$$$
Number of families: 500  
Dati Leumi
Number of English speakers: 50% Population: 3,500

Community contacts:
Chana Schuster
Cell: 050-405-4088
Email: chanaschuster@gmail.com
Rakezet Klita, Hashmonaim
Married, Dati Leumi, elementary school-aged children

Dov Gilor
Email: dov@gilor.com
Phone: 054-778-1102 or 08-976-1607
Sets up prospective families interested in visiting the community
Orthodox, retired, grown children

Website: http://www.rammod.net
Local Employment
There is no real employment on the yishuv- most residents work in either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

There are 4 public Ganim and many private Ganim Ganim spread throughout the Yishuv. The government religious elementary (Mamad) school in Hashomaim has over 300 students from 1st-6th grade. It is co-educational, but boys and girls are in separate classes. The parent-body of the school is tremendously active in all school affairs.

After completing elementary school, most boys who live in Hashmonaim go to Yeshivat Ner Tamid, located on the Yishuv. Ner Tamid was established by students of Rabbi Yosef Dov Soleveitchik, and follows his approach toward Torah education. Yeshivat Ner Tamid is one of the 3 Yeshivot Bnei Akiva to have a success rate of over 90% of passing the Bagrut last year (June 2010).

Girls generally go to one of several nearby schools, including the Bnei Akiva Ulpana located in Modi'in, Sha'alivim, Chorev in Jerusalem, Noga in Bet Shemesh, schools in Rechovot and Neriya, as well as schools in various nearby communities.

Bnei Akiva plays a large role in the lives of most of the youth in Hashmonaim. There are activities taking place each Shabbat, sometimes during the week, and various tiyulim and shabbatonim. There is also the famous "Chodesh Irgun," where kids enjoy a whirlwind of activity for the month following Sukkot. The Hashmonaim chapter has over 600 members, making it the largest in the Mateh Binyamin region.

From Hashmoniam, it is about a 30 minute drive to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Petach Tikva; bus transportation is also available. The new train in nearby Modiin cuts the commute time to Tel Aviv in half.

Olim Services
The large Anglo community in Hashmonaim is particularly committed to providing new immigrants with a warm welcome. They provide an “'adoptive family' for each family of Olim, and Shabbat invitations are arranged for several weeks. Hashmonaim children are also quite involved in welcoming newcomers. They 'adopt' new Olim and help smooth the children’s absorption process. Town volunteers print an in-depth community directory each year with information in English and Hebrew.

There is usually a part-time, upper level Ulpan on the Yishuv, as well as at the Modi'in Community Center. One may also choose to travel to Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, or Tel Aviv if that is more convenient.

Most government ministries, including Ministries of Absorption and the Interior have branch offices in Modiin, Petah Tikva or Tel Aviv that service Olim from Hashmonaim. A representative from the Ministry of the Interior works for two hours a week on the Yishuv.

Unlike most Yishuvim, Hashmonaim does not require its potential residents to pass before an acceptance committee. Residents must agree to public observance of Shabbat, but otherwise are free to purchase or rent as they wish.

The community runs many programs in English such as: parenting workshops, workshops for teens, exposure to Israeli culture and more. We also make an effort to provide programs and entertainment to try to bring the English-speaking community and native Israeli community together.

Amenities / Services
The Yishuv has a well-stocked mini-market for most household needs, and a delicious bakery for challot, cakes, cookies and desserts. For major shopping, residents generally travel 5 minutes to Modi'in, Shilat, or Kiryat Sefer, where there are large shopping malls, supermarkets, toy stores, hardware stores, Judaica, clothing stores, and any consumer or commercial item one might possibly need.

When it comes to healthcare options, residents of Hashmonaim benefit from their proximity to Kiryat Sefer and Modi'in. Both localities have modern clinics of all the Kupot Holim (health-care providers) and offices for dentists, optometrists, and other health professionals. There is also a Clalit physician with an office on the Yishuv, and a 24-hour ambulance service.

Hashmonaim has a small library, with a reasonable collection of English-language books. The Yishuv hopes to build a sports complex within the next few years.

Chashmonaim's Ramat Modiin has a new pizza store, Pizza Mia, which is run by a recent Oleh. The store is located in the same shopping area as the Makolet, bakery and take-away food store. The pizza store is open daily and has a full menu including soups and pastas.  

The separation of the neighborhoods Ramat Modiin and Ganei Modiin is distinct and often misunderstood by families looking to move here. The adjacent towns have distinct yet overlapping populations, both religiously and culturally. Most Olim services are provided by Ramat Modiin's municipality.

Ganei Modiin has its own mini supermarket and a gym with separate men/women's hours.

Community and Religious Life
Hashmonaim is a truly community-oriented place. Residents note that communal life is very much centered around the synagogues. Many residents like the idea of settling in an area near a city like Modi’in, but value the small community feeling.

With classes in karate, art, dance, survival skills, guitar, drums, gymnastics, as well as numerous athletic activities, there really is no reason for kids to leave the Yishuv. North American Olim are often comforted to see Hashmonaim's baseball field (a rare sight in Israel) at the entrance to the Yishuv. There are several basketball courts, a large soccer field, and many playgrounds and open spaces for kids of all ages.

Hashmonaim has many regular minyanim, and is a community with frequent "minyan hopping," as residents can enjoy the different flavors the Yishuv offers. There is a long list of regularly scheduled Torah classes, in both Hebrew and English, including several Daf-Yomi shiurim. Guest speakers on topics ranging from Torah, politics, and charitable causes regularly come through the Yishuv. The community also hosts many musical and comedy performances, and frequently organizes other social events.

Residents of the Yishuv currently use a new Ramat Modiin Mikveh. In addition, there are Mikvaot (ritual baths) in Kiryat Sefer, Modiin and or Ganei Modi'in, which is only a short walk from Hashmonaim.

Real Estate
Hashmonaim offers primarily single family and two-family houses, although there are a limited number of garden apartments. Houses on the Yishuv are fairly large, with most new homes between 300 - 450 square meters. A semi-attached home starts at $650,000. Single family homes start at $800,000. Rentals range from 2,000 NIS for a basement apartment to 8,000 NIS for a house.

Ramat Modiin (where most of the Anglos live), Ganei Moddin.

Updated: Feb, 2013