Kibbutz Afik

Kibbutz Afik was established in 1972 by a group of young Israelis that had served on the Golan during their army service.  Situated in the southern Golan, Afik is located near the site of Fiq, that had once been a Syrian army base and village. Afik is mentioned a number of times in the Bible; in the Book of Kings, and this biblical city is thought to be located close to modern-day Afik.
The Kibbutz is located 355 meters above sea level and looks out over the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret) to the west and Mount Hermon to northeast. This location promises amazing sunsets, with a 360 degree panoramic scenic view.
Afik is located in a government-defined preferred zone, and residents receive from various building discounts and other benefits.

Afik Stats
Region: North - צפון Climate: Mountain
Demographics: Young couples/Young families, Families, Retirees Medical care:
City Type: Moshav/Kibbutz מושב / קיבוץ Affordability: $$
Number of families: 80  
Number of English speakers: 5%

Community contacts:
Nava Caldwell
Married with both army age and elementary school age children

Marla Van Meter
English speaking Golan Residents Committee spokesperson

Tzippy Oppenheimer
Go North Klitah Coordinator

Local Employment
The Kibbutz branches include agriculture (seasonal vegetables and fruit orchards), dairy cattle and chicken houses. Kibbutz Yifat partners with a number of factories, including Afic Printing Solutions, producing toners and ink cartridges. Together with three other Kibbutzim, Afik also shares ownership of Hamat Gader, a hot mineral springs health resort and family activity park.

Another major source of employment on the Kibbutz is the tourist industry. “Etnachta Afik” is  a guest house and spa that offers a full range of activities and entertainment.

Accessibility to Employment
Kibbutz residents travel to Tiberias, Katzrin and other nearby communities for employment. There are a number of health professionals living on the Kibbutz working in nearby hospitals and clinics.

Education / Youth
All the children travel outside of the Kibbutz for school, except for those in kindergarten (3–5 year-olds) which has been newly re-opened on the Kibbutz. The preschool is located in nearby Kfar Haruv, a 5 minute drive. The elementary school is located in Bnei Yehudah, which is a 5 minute school bus ride. High school children also travel by school bus either to Nofei Golan in Katzrin (30 minute drive) or to Beit Yerach in the Jordan Valley (30 minute drive). School buses take the children to school and bring them home each day. All of the schools provide excellent education in modern day facilities.

For university students, the Jordan Valley College at Tzemach (a branch of Bar Ilan University) is a 20-minute drive from the kibbutz, and offers a wide range of studies. There is also Ohalo College in Katzrin that offers degrees in teaching pre-school through middle school age, physical education and coaching degrees and a variety of other educational related subjects.

The Kibbutz also offers a wide range of after-school programs for the school age children, as well as activities during school vacations. In the words of one of the Kibbutz members, “Afik is truly the Garden of Eden for children”.

There is a new line of Golan bus service for the all the communities on the Golan as well as providing transportation to Tiberias, Beit She’an, Hatzor and Kiryat Shmone, as well as bus service by Egged twice a day to Jerusalem. However, a private car is definitely useful.

Olim Services
The Kibbutz extends a genuine and open welcome to all Olim. There are veteran Olim and English-speaking members currently living on the Kibbutz. The community prides itself on the warm embrace it extends to its large variety of members. 

Nearby Tiberias (a 35 minute drive) offers all of the municipal services that an Oleh needs, and an Ulpan is offered at the Jordan Valley College (Tzemach), a 20 minute drive.

Amenities / Services
Kibbutz Afik is fully privatized. The dining hall, however, is run by the guest house for vacationers, and all kibbutz residents can eat their (kosher) lunches in the dining hall for an inexpensive price.

Afik has a swimming pool, minimarket, a playground, a lookout, and a brand new health clinic. There are two nearby dental clinics and a small shopping facility in Bnei Yehuda, a 5 minute drive away. The local recreation center and public library is also located in Bnei Yehuda.

Community and Religious Life
Afik has sports field for ball games such as soccer and basketball/tennis courts both that have lighting for night play. The kibbutz celebrates holidays and memorial days together, as a community.

Real Estate
Kibbutz Afik has been expanding over the last several years, and is currently in the middle of developing a new neighborhood. Ten of the 14 houses planned for the new neighborhood have already been built. These new homes are unique in that they are environmentally and ecologically friendly. Built by Greenvillage, Dorel, the houses offer a full rooftop system that generates solar energy (3 kilowatts, 30 square meters of solar panels). After subtracting the homeowner’s monthly electricity bill, the Electric Company issues a check each month to the homeowner, providing payment for the amount of electricity that the rooftop system has generated. The houses have also been built in a way that enables the possibility of installing a water system (that recycles and reuses grey water) as well as thermal insulation. More details about these unusual construction methods can be obtained from the Kibbutz and the developer.

Updated: November 2013