Army Preparation Courses for Olim Chadashim

||||Army Preparation Courses for Olim Chadashim

Army Hebrew Course:

  • All Olim Chadashim with a low Hebrew level (determined by the IDF at your Tzav Rishon) will be required to begin their army service with a three-month Army Hebrew Course at the Michvei Elon base.
  • This course is devoted to giving Olim Chadashim the necessary Hebrew skills to succeed in the Army. The course includes one month of basic training. Those drafting as combat soldiers will do a more advanced level of basic training with their unit, following completion of the Hebrew course. Non-combat soldiers may be required to repeat basic training, depending on where they are placed.
  • Participating soldiers in this course will meet a placement officer near the end of the course to determine unit placement.
  • This course is conducted in December, March/April and August (preceding the March, August and November drafts).

Course Moledet

Course Moledet (“Heritage Course”) was established in 2013 and takes place a number of times each year at Michve Alon. For males and females assigned to combat-support positions, the course takes place in March, July, and November and is seven weeks long. For males assigned to combat positions, the course takes place in February and October and is five weeks long, and is devoted to preparing these soldiers both mentally and physically for a successful army service in a combat unit . Candidates who are found eligible attend a general, half-hour interview at the Lishkat Giyus (Recruitment Office) to answer questions regarding their connection to Israel and desire to draft. Following the interview, candidates that fit the course’s criteria are then selected to attend the five-week course.

Can the course affect my placement?

Course Moledet does not interfere with the army’s placement procedures. Following the completion of the course, candidates who already received a job placement will continue to their respective fields. Candidates who did not yet receive a job placement will undergo an interview with a placement officer, and their overall performance in the course may affect their job placement.

What does the course entail?

The course covers a variety of different topics. During the course soldiers embark on tours throughout Israel, visiting museums, theatres, and government buildings. They explore their Jewish heritage, engage in Israeli culture, and study the structure of the Israeli government. In addition, they acquire tools and skills for adapting to the military system and ultimately complete basic training (level 02).

Can I skip Course Moledet and do Course Nativ instead?

Placement in Course Mouledet is determined after your interview at the Lishkat Giyus. Candidates who are chosen for the course cannot receive an exemption. However, soldiers who wish to do Course Nativ are eligible to participate later in their military service.

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