Determining Aliyah Status

|||Determining Aliyah Status

Benefits Affected by Previous Stays in Israel

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If you've spent extended time in Israel prior to making Aliyah, certain benefits may be affected. Different government offices have their own policies regarding these situations, and consequently the implications vary depending on the benefit in question.

Temporary Resident (A-1 Visa)

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The visa is valid for three years, and you can apply to extend it for another two years. You cannot exceed a period of five years in total. At the end of this time period, you can either apply for Aliyah or apply for an A-5 visa, which can be extended every two years. The A-5 visa allows you to maintain a Teudat Zehut, work in Israel and receive health coverage through Bituach Leumi(National Insurance Institute).

Benefits for Na’ale Graduates

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The Elite Academy (Na’ale) is a joint endeavor of the State of Israel and The Jewish Agency for Israel, offering students three years of highly subsidized high school studies in Israel (grades 10-12), including room and board. Graduates of the Na’ale program are offered a specialized incentive package from Misrad Haklita upon their Aliyah.

Differences Between Katin Chozer & Ezrach Oleh

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If you have an Israeli background, it is important to establish your Aliyah status and benefits. Who is a Katin Chozer (Returning Minor)? -An Israeli citizen who left Israel before the age of 14 with at least one parent. (In the case of divorce, the applicant will need to provide proof that he/she left the country legally with one of their parents).