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  • Turning the Puzzle into the Solution

    Here’s a riddle: What should you do when your boss of nine years retires and you are left jobless? The answer: open an escape room! That, in a nutshell, is what Jerry Glazer, an Oleh from Passaic, NJ, has done. On July 6th, Glazer opened the doors to Jerusalem Puzzle Quest – Israel’s newest escape […]

  • 10 Essential Tips for Moving in Israel

    Summer is the time for popsicles. Suntan lotion. Beaches. It’s a time for vacation, fun in the sun, and long summer nights. Summer is also the time of year when most people move houses. We asked a trusted mover, Eliezer Cohen of Cohen Brothers Movers, for some of his top tips on how to make […]

  • No Sweat: Your Guide to Summer in Israel

    Your Summer Guide in Israel Ready to enjoy the summer in Israel? First get ready to sweat. Then, slather on your sunscreen, grab your two massive water bottles, and experience the summer like a local. Here’s your guide to enjoying the summer in Israel. Become a regular at the beach Best way to survive the […]

  • Why People Love Volunteering in Israel

    At age 19, Cleveland-native Eve Marzel decided to make Aliyah and volunteer in Israel through Sherut Leumi, Israel’s National Service. After spending the previous year studying at Midreshet Harova, she decided that dedicating herself to a year of service in Israel would be the first step in her Aliyah journey. “Like every other Israeli, I […]

  • How Israel’s National Parks Become Olim’s backyards

    Pesach is a vacation time for schools and many workplaces, which means everyone will be at home looking for something to do.  One of the traditional Chol Hamoed pastimes is to venture out to the great outdoors and enjoy the first days of spring. Fortunately, Israel boasts a remarkable number of national parks spread throughout […]

  • 6 Reasons Why Celebrating Pesach as an Oleh is Awesome

    We all know Pesach in Israel is very different than it is abroad. Here are six specific examples of why it’s great to celebrate the holiday of freedom in Israel. 1. One Seder Who doesn’t look forward to the first night of Pesach? There’s nothing like reliving the story of Yitziyat Mitzrayim, biting into a […]

  • Adloyada: A Purim parade like no other

    In Brazil, they have the Carnival. In New Orleans, Mardi Gras. New York has the Thanksgiving-day parade. In Israel, even the parades have a Jewish theme, as can be seen in the annual Adloyada Purim parades held throughout the country. Originating in Tel Aviv during the days of the Yishuv in 1912, the parade features […]

  • How Israeli Youth Movements Will Change Your Child’s Life

    On their first week in Bet Shemesh, two girls from the neighborhood picked up Francine Friedman’s daughters, ages 9 and 13, to walk them to their first Ezra youth movement meeting. No youth director called the Friedman’s house, nor did anyone older than a high school student ever run one of the meetings. Yet, those […]

  • Your Food Shopping in Israel Survival Guide

    Early on in your Aliyah, there’s one thing you’re definitely going to need to do: go food shopping. Israel’s shopping venues may be similar to what you’re used to–or drastically different. But for most Olim, there is still much to adapt to–including Hebrew labels, different measurements, new brands, a diverse variety of hechshers, and produce […]

  • Tour The Negev Brewery

    In Israel’s dry desert sits Negev Brewery, ready to quench the thirst of any passerby who steps inside. With a backyard bar, Israel’s sole brewery in the South is a gathering spot for locals, as well as a destination for people from all over the country. With a relaxed southern vibe, visitors come to sample […]

  • Running Through Color

    Who knew getting splattered with paint powder could be so fun? This past November, the second “Running in Color” event took place at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv. The event, which was sponsored by NATAL, Israel’s trauma center for victims of terror and war, and Nirlat, an Israeli paint company, brought together over 3,000 participants, […]

  • Formula 1 Racecars Zip Through Jerusalem

    Rev up your engines! This past October, Formula Jerusalem was hosted in one of Israel’s holiest cities for the second time. Built through the heart of Jerusalem, the race circuit shut down some of Jerusalem’s main roads. Car lovers from all over the country flocked to the capital to get their fix of powerful engines […]

  • Sovev Tel Aviv, Israel’s Largest Biking Event

    Imagine: one of the most bustling cities in Israel shuts down its highway and most of its streets. Bikes take over. You look around and see your entire family participating in something together. Best of all, you’re all doing something you love. You’re at Sovev Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest bike event! This past October, over […]

  • 8 tips for reinventing yourself in Israel

    Many Olim stick to the same profession they had in the states. Others take the opportunity created by their transition to also transform their career. Often, this involves capitalizing on their English skills, which, in certain markets, can prove to be their biggest asset. Examples of such jobs include writing, editing, teaching English, and many […]

  • A Drop in Time

    From April to September, almost every day in Israel is sunny.  Even when a few clouds appear in the sky, they are rarely followed by rain. And then, suddenly, the first rains come.  Ending the six months of dryness, the drops pour down—shocking, exhilarating, and always memorable. In Israel, the beginning of the rainy season, […]

  • Change Makers: How Young Olim are Giving Back

    On a Friday morning at 6 AM, 45 young Olim boarded a bus in Tel Aviv headed south. With Operation Protective Edge having recently ended and the chagim right around the corner, the Thursday night before was packed with parties. And yet, every person who committed to volunteer that Friday morning was on the bus. […]

  • The First Day of School: A Time for Celebration

    September 1st marked the first day of school for children throughout Israel. As they piled into school buses and their parents’ cars, neighborhoods were quiet for the first time in months. But the end of summer vacation did not mark the end of fun – many schools welcomed their students back with celebrations! The first […]

  • As Rockets Rain Down, Companies Keep Hiring

    On any given day, Nefesh B’Nefesh’s employment department receives 15 – 20 new jobs on its job board. The only time this number slightly decreases is during the summer when people take vacation and prepare for the upcoming chagim. Except this summer. Though it’s just the end of July, Israel is in the midst of […]