Michael Schachter: Puzzle Master

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It is the year 1172, and we find ourselves in Cairo, working together with the famous scholar and doctor, Maimonides. Being the personal doctor to Saladin in Egypt is a great honor for Maimonides, but the prestigious position carries great responsibility as well. Today, Maimonides needs your help. A member of the royal family is sick and is in need of a particularly rare medicinal herb. Maimonides has located a source for the herb, but it is locked away in a secure box. Only you can access it using the correct key.

This dramaticfamily-3resized historical backstory is the setting of the Maimonides Puzzle Room located at the Maimonides Heritage Center (MHC) in Tiberias, where teamwork and creativity leads to success. During this adventure, groups must search for clues, solve puzzles, and stay calm while attempting to complete the challenge before time runs out.

This exciting puzzle adventure is the brainchild of MHC Executive Program Director and NBN Oleh Michael Schachter. Michael, his wife Ester and their four children made Aliyah in 2010 from Hollywood, Florida, and have found unique professional and personal success in their new home.

Before Aliyah, Michael worked in both formal and informal Jewish education roles in the US.  Almost immediately upon settling into Israel, he began working at the Maimonides Heritage Center (MHC) in Tiberias. Michael shared how he “loves to bring learning to life for everyone, so the transition to developing and implementing programs at the Maimonides Heritage Center was a natural one for me.”

Michael’s unique edfamily-photoucational and international background has allowed him to focus on building programs for the groups that
come through the Center – be they Israeli students, soldiers,
Birthright participants, Yeshiva or seminary students, families, or organizational teams. He is particularly proud of the Maimonides Puzzle Room that he introduced and explains, “This is a great program for families and small groups and is available in both Hebrew and English. It provides a stimulating and fun challenge, suitable for people from all walks of life.”

As the Schachters settled into their new life in Israel, they were very much looking for a community, and wandered around a bit. After searching, they are thrilled in their choice of “Going North” and settling into Katzrin in the Golan Heights. They are very family-2resizedclose with the Nefesh B’Nefesh “Go North” community, and proudly share how two years ago they had the privilege of hosting the annual Go North Nefesh B’Nefesh Shabbaton through the MHC in Tiberias.

Ester, while primarily focused on homeschooling the family’s children, is also very busy with her blog www.kosherfrugal.com, where she writes about how to save money in Israel. Her blog is in English, and is an invaluable resource for many NBN Olim.

The family has worked hard to acclimate and adjust to their new life. Michael shares that it’s not always easy and at times it’s very difficult to be so far from their families, but they remind themselves that, “Israel is our home. We truly believe that the future of the Jewish people is here in Israel, and we want to make sure we are part of building that future.”

To book a spot in the Maimonides Puzzle Room, Michael can be reached at 053-5303018 or michael@harambam.org.il