Oleh Spotlight

From Medic to Combat Soldier to Unofficial Diplomat: How One Oleh is Leaving his Mark on Israel

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When Chaim Seligman was 16, he was walking in his Florida neighborhood when a few guys attacked him. While spending the next few weeks recuperating [...]

Ari Nahmani: A sense of home

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When Ari Nahmani spent two months in a high school Israel program, the far-away land of his childhood legends became real. Over the next several years Nahmani found himself returning to Israel again and again until moving there permanently in 2006 at age twenty-three, making Aliyah officially the following year. Nahmani finally felt that he was home.

Peter Halmagyi: Oleh in Focus

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As the official photographer for the Israeli Embassy in LA for 24 years, Peter Halmagyi has photographed the last seven Israeli prime ministers, starting with Yitzhak Shamir. Throughout his time at the embassy, Halmagyi has photographed the who’s who among Israel’s politicians and celebrities. This spring, after more than seventy trips to Israel, and logging thousands of kilometers from Rosh Hanikra to Eilat, Halmagyi decided it was time to call Israel ‘home’ and made Aliyah to Herzliya.