Oleh Spotlight

  • From Summer Camp to Boot Camp

    For Melissa Goldman, Daniel Warshawsky and Joshua Seed, making Aliyah and joining the Israel Defense Forces as lone soldiers was not a spur of the moment decision, but the result of a culmination of years of experience from school, camp, youth group, synagogue and family. The three grew up extremely active in the Conservative movement, […]

  • Starting With Seminary

    For many post-secondary students, a year in seminary or Yeshiva provides the confidence, knowledge, skills, and growth to start their adult lives on their own. This “year in Israel” is designed to strengthen one’s Jewish identity, focus on Jewish studies, and experience Israel. While some end up staying in Israel after spending a year in […]

  • Michael Schachter: Puzzle Master

    It is the year 1172, and we find ourselves in Cairo, working together with the famous scholar and doctor, Maimonides. Being the personal doctor to Saladin in Egypt is a great honor for Maimonides, but the prestigious position carries great responsibility as well. Today, Maimonides needs your help. A member of the royal family is […]

  • Tzfat: A Love Story

    It wasn’t long before living in the same building in Tzfat that everything fell into place for Sharon Rappaport (NBN 2015) and Ephraim Lewis (NBN 2014). They had heard of one another from friends who insisted they meet, they had been shown pictures of one another, and that is where this love story begins. Tzfat […]

  • David and Susan: A Love Story 51 Years in the Making

    We met David Craft and his new wife Susan Weinstein Craft, during a May 2016 Guided Aliyah day, where David became “Officially Israeli” and made Aliyah.  David and Susan originally met as teenagers and reconnected as adults, sharing their love for Judaism, Israel and each other. They are married, and happily enjoying their new lives together […]

  • Uri Kelman: Family Back Together Again

    There is no denying that his parents felt strongly about Israel – he and his brother were given only Hebrew names, his father lived on a Kibbutz for two years picking oranges for soldiers, just because he believed strongly in supporting the State. Uri Kelman was raised in a Zionist home. The Zionist dream was […]

  • It Only Gets Better…

    Two weeks before my flight I panicked, but I wouldn’t dare tell anyone that I had thoughts of backing out. Somehow I got over the fear, or was too chicken to admit to my friends and family that I was thinking of staying, and I got on the plane to Israel.

  • Melinda and Chelsea: The Inspiring Story of Aliyah Across the Ages

    When Melinda (Malka) Kieffer first traveled to Israel in 1969, she was elated by what she found. “I remember being so impressed that the garbage collectors were wearing kippot and that there was Hebrew on the mailboxes,” said Melinda. “It resonated with me that every single aspect of the country had something Jewish about it.” […]

  • An Aliyah High Five

    We were sitting at a sushi bar in Jerusalem this week on a beautiful, breezy night. We were celebrating. Our 11-year-old pipsqueak of a daughter, our middle child, had just competed in her first “Battle of the Crews” (an all-girls, shabbat-friendly hip hop competition that proves definitively that little Jewish girls can dance). And it […]

  • AEPi Brothers Create a Campus Community in Israel

    At 18, Jacob Ryan left his community in Rochester, New York to pursue his dream of studying counterrorism at IDC Herzliya. Having grown up in a Zionist home, Jacob had traveled to Israel in the past. But he knew that it would take time to acclimate to living in Israel. “I came here knowing nobody, […]

  • An Olah Reports From Nepal

    Yardena Schwartz, 29, had always dreamt of becoming a foreign correspondent in Israel. While studying abroad at Tel Aviv University, she had been fascinated by Israel’s rich culture, and the many stories that weren’t being told. “I felt like Israel was a place that was always being covered, but the same topics were constantly in […]

  • #LiveLoveIsrael Day in the Life: Zohar Flamenbaum

    Zohar Flamenbaum, Israeli born and New Jersey raised, spent almost two years in the “real world” before choosing to make a change and join the MASA internship program Career Israel. Though she enjoyed every single moment of that year in Israel, she had never considered Aliyah. It wasn’t until her arrival to America and seeing […]

  • Slow and Steady Wins the Aliyah Race

    When Adina and Jonathan Heinberg married, they knew they wanted to build their lives together in Israel. Yet, they also knew that it would be several years until they could make the big move. Adina wanted to go into science research and had applied to PhD programs in the States. Jonathan was working in finance, […]

  • The secret to this Oleh family’s successful Aliyah

    When Yehudah and Shani Block’s son was asked by his teacher to describe what life in Israel would be like, his answer surprised the teacher. This was supposed to be a Yom Ha’atzmaut exercise to help the children connect to Israel.  So when their son responded “when I move to Israel, I will have a Spiderman-themed […]

  • How One 28-Year-Old is Literally Building Israel

    When Teddy Fischer was 14 years old, he opened up his Aliyah file. “My grandparents are all Holocaust survivors, so I grew up understanding what can happen if there’s no Jewish state,” said Teddy. “I knew that if there needs to be a state, someone needs to build it and defend it and make it […]

  • What 5th Graders Really Think About Aliyah

    My name is Daniel Zacks. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I made Aliyah at age ten, on July 6, 2006. My family moved straight to Modiin, where we’ve lived ever since. I am currently in my first year at the Yeshivat Hesder in Kiryat Shmona. From the time I was three years old, I went to Akiva Hebrew […]

  • From Think Tank to Environmental Consultant

    When Alana Tenzer was a junior at the University of Maryland, she couldn’t wait to study abroad. She was headed to Mount Kilimanjaro, where she would live on the mountain, take part in an environmental research project, and present her findings to the Tanzanian government. But then war broke out and the program was cancelled. […]

  • Meet The King of Wings

    At the intersection of Tel Aviv’s hipster, yuppie and financial districts is Wings, a brand new American eatery that is bringing fried chicken wings to Israel. In the bright yellow storefront restaurant sits Eytan White, 29, Wings’ owner, answering phone calls, breaking change, and stopping whatever he’s doing to greet other Olim who pop in–sometimes […]

  • Daniel & Chavi Eisenberg

    This Thanksgiving, Daniel and Chavi Eisenberg are thankful to have finally made it to Israel. After years of planning, and with many obstacles to overcome along the way, the Eisenbergs are thrilled with their new life in Israel.

  • Lazer & Mookie’s Journey to Success

    When Lazer and Mookie Cohen talk about their dreams, they are full of confidence. They know what they want and they set themselves up to achieve it. There’s no room for apprehensiveness or nerves–just hard work and faith. And it’s this can-do spirit that has carried this couple from the USA to Australia to Israel, […]

  • Impact Israel: How 7 Young Professional Olim Fulfilled Their Dreams

    Senior Advisor to the Ambassador. Investor Relations at a VC. Communications director at a startup. NBN’s upcoming ImpactIsrael conference proves that you’re never too young to live your dream. On November 17, 2014 Nefesh B’Nefesh launched Impact Israel, a conference based in New York and Los Angeles, which showcased six extraordinary young professional Olim who are […]

  • From Capitol Hill to Gas Rigs

    Bini Zomer has been all over. He grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, attended the University of Texas, went to law school in St. Louis, practiced law and got married in Chicago, and finally made Aliyah from Potomac, Maryland to Modi’in in 2010. And he is about to assume the position of country manager for Noble […]

  • In times of war, Olim make a difference

    It was a difficult time. Three Jewish teens had been kidnapped and murdered, an Israeli-Arab teen had been killed in retribution, and missiles had begun to rain down upon the residents of the south of Israel. Cynthia Ferman wanted to do something; to simultaneously help Israel’s citizens and to allow people to contribute and support one other at a time of need. […]

  • Doggie Daycare

    Growing up in a small town in Minnesota, Kassandra Grunewald, 29, knew very few Jews outside her own family. But four years at Boston University changed all that–introducing her to lots of Jewish and Israeli students. She quickly became a regular at Hillel. After graduation, she decided to take her exploration one step further. She […]

  • Oleh to the Rescue

    They may not make the news or qualify for rounds of funding, but an increasing number of Anglo Olim are making their mark on Israeli society by working as emergency service providers in the police force, in emergency medical care and as firefighters, strengthening Israel from the inside out. Yaakov Guttman, 29, is an Oleh […]

  • Windy Rohde

    Windy Rohde is a 3rd generation ice skater with 28 years experience performing, teaching, and skating since the age of 3. She is considered the highest (senior) level ice skater by the USFSA (US Figure Skating) which means her title is “US Figure Skating Gold Medalist.” Windy came to Israel when she performed with “WOW […]

  • Elvia Fisher

    Elvia Fisher seems to move fast. But she takes her time to do her research and test the waters before she dives in. In life, business, and love Elvia is quick to hone in on her desires but meticulous in the planning and details it takes to turn her passions into realistic ventures. So it […]

  • Jen Maidenberg

    Aliyah was a transformative experience for New Jersey native Jen Maidenberg who moved to Kibbutz Hannaton in the Galilee. The mother of three found that moving to Israel, and, more specifically, to a small rural community in the periphery, required her to change her perspective on many things. Although she grew up in New Jersey, living closer to nature has opened her eyes to its beauty and she has now developed a green thumb. Living in the scenic surroundings of Israel’s North allows her to balance that with her role as Chief Marketing Officer at The Trendlines Group, Israel’s leading seed-stage investment and business development organization.

  • In Israel’s Defense: Eric Schorr

    If anyone was born to be a Jewish leader, it’s Eric Schorr. Growing up just outside Philadelphia, the 28 year-old Conservative movement poster child found himself rising to the top of every club or organization he was a part of. Acting upon his Zionistic passion and strong Jewish identity, Schorr made Aliyah in August 2012 […]

  • Ari Nahmani: A sense of home

    When Ari Nahmani spent two months in a high school Israel program, the far-away land of his childhood legends became real. Over the next several years Nahmani found himself returning to Israel again and again until moving there permanently in 2006 at age twenty-three, making Aliyah officially the following year. Nahmani finally felt that he was home.

  • Peter Halmagyi: Oleh in Focus

    As the official photographer for the Israeli Embassy in LA for 24 years, Peter Halmagyi has photographed the last seven Israeli prime ministers, starting with Yitzhak Shamir. Throughout his time at the embassy, Halmagyi has photographed the who’s who among Israel’s politicians and celebrities. This spring, after more than seventy trips to Israel, and logging thousands of kilometers from Rosh Hanikra to Eilat, Halmagyi decided it was time to call Israel ‘home’ and made Aliyah to Herzliya.