10 Things Overheard at the NBN Mega Event

We just wrapped up our Aliyah Mega Event series, culminating in over 1,200 people attending our NYC event. The event featured career opportunities in Israel, financial planning advice, information on taxes and budgeting, and sessions about the Israeli healthcare system and Aliyah rights. Of special interest were our Go North and Go South programs, which provided information for people who were interested in moving to the north and south of Israel.

Here are some of the more interesting snippets of conversation we overheard at the Mega:

1. Joining an Ulpan is like joining a gym – you have to sweat and do the workout if you want to get results.

2. I am in total sticker shock about the cost of Jewish education in Israel – $50 a month!

3. In Israel, NO is just the start of negotiations

4. Did she just say that I can get a free MBA in Israel?

5. Israel always felt like a faraway dream, but after today I really think I can make it my reality by next summer.

6. It is unlikely that they will knock on your door, you have start knocking even before  you make Aliyah if you want an employer to answer.

7. More and more people are realizing  that Israel is a great place to live.

8. If I lived there I wouldn’t just be telling old stories but constantly making new ones.

9. It’s a wonderful place to raise a Jewish family, from neighborhoods to health care, so I have to get serious about this before my oldest goes to first grade.

10. This Passover I am going to be shouting “next year in Jerusalem” with all my heart and soul.

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