Kiryat Hasharon: Gila Phillips

We moved into Kiryat Hasharon a year ago, after living in several communities around the country including Jerusalem and Haifa. We never really felt like we had a community until now. The community was very welcoming upon our arrival, we were invited out for a load of Shabbat meals and we finally felt like we had somewhere we could call home.

Within the Anglo community, there are lots of Shabbat invites, regular Shiurim, stay-at-home moms WhatsApp group to arrange meetups, baby and toddler singalongs on Shabbat afternoon, etc. There’s lots of children’s activities in the nearby outdoor mall (5-10 minute walk) including shows, activities, etc. There are Hebrew Shiurim and things like Mitpachot sales.

What’s transportation like?
There are regular buses and we’re about a 20 minute walk from the train or a 5 minute bus ride. A lot of people own cars but many don’t, and it’s really not essential since there’s a load of shops and supermarkets within walking distance.

Where do you work?
My husband works in Tel Aviv, and I work from home. Most people seem to work in Tel Aviv, Herzilia, Ranaana, Kfar Saba or Netanya.

How integrated is Kiryat Hasharon?
There is a nice sized Anglo community here but it is by no means an English speaking hub. Living here will force you to speak Hebrew and integrate at least somewhat with the Israelis. For example, in my son’s gan, out of about 35 kids, there are 3 from English speaking families, so while I do gravitate towards the English speaking parents I have a lot of interaction including the gan’s whatsapp group with the Israelis. At the same time, you don’t feel completely isolated from the Anglo world since there are enough of us to offer companionship and support.

What is there to do in Kiryat Hasharon?
Lots of parks, a forest, two outdoor malls within walking distance, bakeries, cafes, restaurants. We’re a 10-15 minute drive from the sea and from Kikar Haatzmaut. There’s a cinema plus a cinema city being built, bowling, and tons of kosher restaurants spread out throughout the city.

Anything else you want to add?
We’re a growing community and are conveniently located. The majority of the Anglos are religious (dati leumi) and there are many shuls located throughout the neighbourhood. There are three mamad schools in Kiryat Hasharon itself, an ulpana and a yeshiva. In main Netanya there is a Talmud Torah and mamad torani schools. There are school organized buses from our neighbourhood to these schools.
It’s great, come move here!

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