Community Spotlight

  • Beit Choron: Yehuda & Einav Yeger

    I’ve been living in Beit Choron for about 6 months, and my wife has lived on the Yishuv her whole life. I fell in love with it the first time I visited. They actually have a brand new project with apartments for sale.

  • Kiryat Hasharon: Gila Phillips

    We moved into Kiryat Hasharon a year ago, after living in several communities around the country including Jerusalem and Haifa. We never really felt like we had a community until now. The community was very welcoming upon our arrival, we were invited out for a load of Shabbat meals and we finally felt like we had somewhere we could call home.

  • Kochav Yaakov: Meet the Peskins

    Kochav Yaakov and Tel Tzion are two communities in the same yishuv. We originally moved to Tel Tzion 9 years ago and really loved it, but when we were looking to downsize 5 years ago the best house we found for what we were looking for was in Kochav Yaakov. I already knew many of the people in Kochav Yaakov because the communities kind of overlapped, and I knew that it was a nice mix of people where you didn’t have to fit a mold to fit in. And the price was right.