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הרמת כוסית מיחידת אט”ל Pesach Celebration: Logistics and Tech

2017-08-09T11:01:04+00:00Lone Soldiers Program Events|

היום ביקרנו בבסיס תל השומר לכבוד חג הפסח, ושמחנו לפגוש את חיילי יחידת אט"ל (אגף טכנולוגיה ולוגיסטיקה). המפקדים המדהים ארגנו הרמת כוסית עם כיבוד ומלא [...]

Kiryat Hasharon: Gila Phillips

2017-03-15T10:51:13+00:00Community Spotlight|

We moved into Kiryat Hasharon a year ago, after living in several communities around the country including Jerusalem and Haifa. We never really felt like we had a community until now. The community was very welcoming upon our arrival, we were invited out for a load of Shabbat meals and we finally felt like we had somewhere we could call home.

Kochav Yaakov: Meet the Peskins

2017-03-15T10:51:56+00:00Community Spotlight|

Kochav Yaakov and Tel Tzion are two communities in the same yishuv. We originally moved to Tel Tzion 9 years ago and really loved it, but when we were looking to downsize 5 years ago the best house we found for what we were looking for was in Kochav Yaakov. I already knew many of the people in Kochav Yaakov because the communities kind of overlapped, and I knew that it was a nice mix of people where you didn't have to fit a mold to fit in. And the price was right.

From NGO to Startup Pro

2017-03-15T10:56:04+00:00NBN Employment Blog|

Who doesn’t guiltily sit in front of their computer every now and them to take a “Which Ice Cream Flavor Are You?” type-quiz? These bites of online entertainment have become a fun part of our everyday lives as we interact on social media. Little do we know- Playbuzz, an Israeli startup, is the format creator of much of this style’s online content we interact with on a daily basis!

From Typist to Teacher

2017-03-15T10:56:06+00:00NBN Employment Blog|

Let’s face it. In this day and age, if you can’t use a computer, it’s hard to get by! Although the concept of technology may be easy for some, for many elderly people, it is hard to wrap their head around. Rochelle Gilbert has decided to change that one client at a time. Travelling around Jerusalem, Rochelle offers private computer lessons, mainly to elderly citizens.

Baking Her Way to Sweet Success

2017-01-18T11:28:45+00:00NBN Employment Blog|

Baking cakes may sound easy, but wait until you see the creations of Devorah Altman, and you will think twice! Devorah transformed her home in Bet Shemesh into “The Kosher Cakery,” a bakery that provides customized cakes, cupcakes and cookies to people across Israel. Think “Ace of Cakes” with a Middle Eastern twist-- The Kosher Cakery bakes up people’s dreams with delicious cakes, frostings, and elaborate decorations!