8 Awesome Things To Do In Tel Aviv During Chanukah

|||8 Awesome Things To Do In Tel Aviv During Chanukah
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Sara Klaben, Founder of Nativertravel.com

Chanukah is here and it’s time to celebrate with holiday parties, fried Jewish delicacies, and overall “simcha.” You don’t have to be a child to appreciate this magical time of year, in which we celebrate sparkling lights and astonishing miracles. In the spirit of Chanukah, we have highlighted some of the best things you can do in Tel Aviv this season to enjoy and celebrate!

1. Twinkle in Habima Garden

Grab a bottle of your favorite Israeli wine and a few friends and find a spot in Habima garden after sundown. The sparkly lighting and calming background music will transport you to your favorite fairy tale.

Insider tips:
• Try these Israeli wines for the maximum experience – the Trio, “Secret” or the Pelter, Sauvignon Blanc
• Arrive after 8PM for a quiet kid-free environment

2. World Press Photo Exhibit 2014

This beautifully curated exhibit at the Eretz Yisrael Museum will open your eyes to faraway places with emotional and moving imagery that will stick with you for days. The press photos from around the world will remind you of everything we’ve experienced in 2014, be it good or bad.

Insider tips:
• Saw this exhibit last year? Don’t worry, it gets better and better every year.
• Come with enough time to let it all sink in.

3. Jaffa Port Exploration

Bike or walk to the trendy Jaffa Port for some artistic exploration. Wander in and out of the hangers to discover something new in each one.

Insider tips:
• Check out the House of Toys to bring you back to (a borderline creepy version of your) childhood with their collection of toys from every era. In case you were wondering – yes, there is a Furby there.
• Check out the new group exhibition, featuring multiple techniques and platforms, which will be hosted in Hanger 2 for all of Chanukah.

4. Get Locked in the Israeli Escape Game

Speaking of out of the box… this is a hands-on experience where you will need to solve puzzles, open locks, and find things in order to free yourself and your friends from a four walled room. Can you get out in time?!

Insider tip:
• Make sure to schedule in advance here.

5. Join in for a Tel Aviv Art Studio Class

Support fellow Olim by signing up for a wonderful art class or holding your next office event at the Tel Aviv Art Studio. The atmosphere is warm and even the artistically challenged will have a good time. Find out more information here.

Insider tips:
• December offerings include Life Drawing courses, Drawing and Painting courses, and Photography courses.
• Bring your office in for a birthday or other celebration for a meaningful and fun artistic experience.

6. Be part of a legendary Tel Aviv street party

Tel Aviv Street parties are one of a kind and you will love this local experience. Come out with your party gear and your most fun friends for a day to remember.

Insider tip:
• Show up on Friday, Dec. 26 anytime after 12:00. You’ll find the party on Shaul Hamelech Street.

7. Relax and unwind at Beit Haamudim‎

Enjoy the power of music with some serious jazz at this intimate restaurant/bar/venue featuring some of the best jazz and definitely the best vibes in town. You’ll find this spot in the cozy Yemenite quarter.

Insider tip:
• Some amazing performances are lined up for almost every night of Chanukah. Check out the full list here.

8. Fulfill your holiday shopping craze

Many people are traveling this holiday season but you can get that international feel right here in Tel Aviv. Sail Away is bringing sales and brands from all over the world right to our very own Lilienblum Street.

Insider tip:
• The event is Friday and Saturday, December 19th and 20th. Find out all the info you need here.

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Sara Klaben moved to Israel from Ohio in 2010 and made Aliyah with Nefesh B’Nefesh in 2013. As part of her Aliyah journey, she founded Nativer to help travelers get personalized recommendations for their time in Tel Aviv. Look out for Nativer’s pilot coming to Tel Aviv in January 2015.

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