5 Resources for Developing your Career in Israel

|||5 Resources for Developing your Career in Israel
Rachel Berger NBN Director of Post Aliyah

Rachel Berger NBN Director of Post Aliyah

Finding a job that’s right for you is integral to making you feel at home in Israel. Nefesh B’Nefesh’s Employment Services exists to help you succeed. From before you make Aliyah through to your arrival and beyond, we’re there to give you the guidance, support and connections that you need to make it in Israel. Here are five resources that NBN provides to help you find professional fulfillment in Israel.

1. Career Guidance
Whether you’re coming to Israel with great skills or a clear career path, you’ll want to know how to navigate the Israeli job market. NBN’s employment staff will help you transfer your career to Israel, adjust your skill set to the Israeli market, or explore a new professional path.

2. Resume Support
You have a resume that helped you land jobs in the past. Now, we’ll show you how to turn it into a winning resume in Israel. We’ll advise you on highlighting specific skills, formatting tips for the Israeli employer, translating your resume into Hebrew, and more.

3. Job Board
With over 700 jobs posted each month, NBN is in touch with thousands of employers who turn to us for Olim to fill open positions. The NBN Employment staff acts as headhunters, connecting job-seeking Olim to positions in their fields.

4. Networking and Mentoring Program
You’re coming to the country that’s all about “who you know” — and we’ve got you covered.
With over 3,000 Olim and Israelis in our Networking and Mentoring Program, we’ll connect you with professionals who work in your field. They’ll be able to give you critical insight as well as advice on how to break into your field in Israel and what to expect here.

5. Licensing Liaison
If you have a career that requires a local license in order to work in Israel, we’ll help facilitate this process and advocate on your behalf when necessary. NBN’s dedicated licensing liaison helps you figure out what you need to do in order to get licensed and begin working in Israel.

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